BuJoRPG Dev Blog 006: Designing Old into New

There can certainly be a loss of focus in any project and BuJourneyRPG is no exception. While you might have rolled your eyes at that statement and thought “great, he’s off the rails,” you shouldn’t be worried because I’m talking about paying too close attention to one thing and not the other.

I’ve been so busy staring at the “story” that I’ve sort of let the “self improvement” aspect sit on the shelf and collecting dust.

Using the skill tree theory I’ve previously mentioned, I was focused on the actual things in the tree without necessarily allowing for how to achieve those things. While a passing “collect some sort of points to unlock the nodes” has been the focus, how do you acquire those points?

Self improvement.

Why just play through a story but to collect some Tree Points (TP, so I can shorthand this article a bit) when you can go from walking 5,000 steps a day to 7,500? Why just play through a story when you can learn the basics of a foreign language (like how to say “hello”)? While stories should certainly award TP, they shouldn’t be THE focus of leveling up on the skill tree.

Sometimes a slight course correction is needed to keep the goal directly ahead and that is what I’m talking about.

I’m still moving forward.

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