BuJoRPG Dev Blog 007: Juggling

If you didn’t realize why I’ve been quiet lately, I recently moved. I should actually say I am still in the process of moving because there is still a lot to do to reach “the finish.” I didn’t want to be quiet the WHOLE time, so I’m posting a little interlude about BuJourneyRPG. 

Something that has been key to my success in developing this far is the meandering thoughts throughout the day wondering how to solve certain problems. I’m not talking about actively putting my attention in places other than work or work at home, per se, but using the drive to and from work and other little silent times to come up with my solutions. 

It was during a recent meandering that I solved a problem that no one knew I had and that actually developed into something to help with my other question: how to I stage the power levels of you for each adventure? While I’m not ready to pull the curtain back on that one yet, I am getting closer to being able to start using videos to put out some information. 

I need to finalize the website refresh (it’s basically setting up the new theme and using the graphics I already made to replace the generic ones) so that I can push forward working on BuJourneyRPG.

Juggling… yep.

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