BuJoRPG Podcast is Coming

Yes, I’m going to go ahead and break that news right now. I’ve put some thought into the idea and while I haven’t nailed down the exact format of what I’m planning on just yet (audio or video), there will be a BuJoRPG specific podcast coming for all of you who are here specifically for BuJoRPG related items.

The Specter Show, which last left us at episode 63, is going to change starting with episode 64. Rather than starting a whole new feed, or repurposing the feed, or renumbering the episodes, I’ve decided to change what was essentially an update podcast about what was happening on this website and just convert the entire podcast over to all BuJoRPG all the time.

No longer will the show be “The Specter Show,” rather, it will henceforth be the “BuJoRPG Show” with a very small “on Emerald Specter.com” as a tagline. I’ll rename all the appropriate information on my end, so that iTunes (or whatever pod-catcher you’re using) updates appropriately, but I won’t do that until I record the first episode.

Which leads me to the format issue…

My initial idea was to do a video show, allowing me to display a bullet journal (digital or otherwise) on screen while I talk about the BuJoRPG2 (or future system, etc) to you, the audience. The thing about video, though, is that there is a lot more than just setting up a couple of parameters and boom it’s done… there’s a lot of set up, editing gets weird, and rather than just get some audio elements for an opening and closing, there needs to be opening and closing video. Sure, that doesn’t sound terrible, but it makes a quick podcast go from easy to medium.

Leaving the podcast as just an audio podcast presents a different set of problems, though. While recording and editing the show is vastly easier, referring to things specifically becomes difficult. My solutions to this come only in the form of a download that you can follow along as I reference them in the podcast.

Looking at the two options, I basically would be doing both of them… except for the download part. This is what I’ll call the “Greatest Show” method. We record the Greatest Show video, I edit on the beginning and ending, upload the finishing video to YouTube while also yanking the audio off and uploading that to my server for the audio podcast. Sure, the audio is a little weird when we reference something visual, but hey, it’s still a podcast.

I do have some royalty free video segments that I think I can use for the show, so I’ll edit together what I have to see what will work. I’ve already got custom theme music from a friend that I will be using for the show (no more Nine Inch Nails, as this will be going on YouTube I want to be able to monetize it), and I will try to get a digital journal set up to record a video episode in the very near future.

However, the first episode of the BuJoRPG Show will be audio only… as I am going to basically go over why I started doing this whole thing and what I hope to eventually accomplish as I progress forward. As I go forward with this podcast, I also hope to hear from you users, too, with what you are interested in seeing developed and wishlist items you’d like to see included in the system.

I’m hoping to be able to do episode 64 soon, so keep an eye out for the episode on this website!

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