BuJoRPG – The Bullet Journal Role Playing Game

Did you know there is a new page for the BuJoRPG? Check the link here.

Also, there is a Discord server to join, see the right sidebar for the widget!

The Bullet Journal Role Playing Game has arrived. BuJoRPG version 1.0 is here!

You’ve all been waiting, wondering if this would ever happen. Well, welcome to your dreams come true.

So, obviously, this is only version 1 and that means this is just the tip of the iceberg. I am open to suggestions, feedback, and all of that jazz at emeraldspecter.com@gmail.com. The rest of the pomp and circumstance is in the attached files below:

BuJoRPG Version 1.0

Example (1 Column) Page

Example (2 Columns) Page

BuJoRPG Icons

And for the full rules WITH a template to use, here is the rest:

BuJoRPG-Wuxia Version 1.0

Example Page

BuJoRPG-Wuxia Icons

BuJoRPG – Wuxia: Rise of the Iron Garden (Version 1.8)!

NEW! BuJoRPG – Re-release (listed as Version 1.9.6)

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