BuJoRPG – Wuxia: Rise of the Iron Garden (Version 1.8)

Welcome to Version 1.8.

I have begun work on the BuJoRPG 2 and this release needed to happen before I got too far into the process. I modified the instructions to include the new features, so there are undoubtedly grammar, spelling, and context errors in the text. Please forgive these as I look to the future of the BuJoRPG.

The “BuJo Central” category to the right on this page now includes the link to the Version 1.8, as well as the original page that I created announcing the BuJoRPG… but, to be complete in all things, I include for you the latest release of the BuJoRPG:

BuJoRPG – Wuxia: Rise of the Iron Garden

Thank you.


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