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In late 2017, I dropped BuJoRPG (v1) into the world. The first version was extensively tested, changed to fit the needs of the system, and finally released to the world when it was ready. The original version had some add ons, as well as giving a solid foundation for the future of the game.

BuJoRPG (Version 1)  *  BuJoRPG: Wuxia  *  BuJoRPG: Wuxia – Rise of the Iron Garden  *  BuJoRPG (Version 1.9.6)

The intention was to put out versions of this original while working on other things, but as life must continue, I had to put aside all of the projects for a time and work on them when I could make the time. Things trickled back in but there weren’t any large leaps in advancement… until BuJourneyRPG.

The cover to the BuJourneyRPG… the next step for BuJoRPG.

I wrote a large chunk of the new book in one swoop. The combat section is really where I’m at, waiting to advance the instructions, and then I can put out a version 1. Working on BuJourneyRPG has become split time with several other things that were already in the works, one being a solid money making endeavor… which, incidentally, is bullet journal related.

In 2019, I’ll be returning to full journaling on my own, meaning that everything will get time to be worked on as well as having a structure for life once more. I can also play test the BuJourneyRPG before fully releasing it.

This is the space to watch for new developments, including the release of the documents and any new versions (or updates) for anything that’s already been released.

Did you know there’s also a BuJourneyRPG dev blog? (well, BuJoRPG related dev blog). Search for it! BuJoRPG Dev Blog is the title!

The Dev Blog may return but new graphics will be popping up to reflect the new news that BuJourneyRPG died and BuJoRPG 2 takes its place. More to come.