I have not taken the time to post anything on this site that has been informational in some time. That has been something of a poor choice on my part and needs to be corrected. This is the post that corrects that error. Read on and if you think IContinue Reading

It is high time that I took some time to talk about the one thing that has previously been a constant on this website, though a constant that has been inconsistent in content. Since I’ve been slowly updating things on this website with new news, I thought it was timeContinue Reading

Combat continues! The big discovery is here, and this is where the shark was definitely jumped. Kent and Kris find out all the pertinent information in the finale of the Legacy: Shadows of Blood chronicle! Kris Larson is played by Robert and Kent Brunnell is played by Aaron. The storytellerContinue Reading

After meeting someone very powerful, the duo pick up in the driveway. Kent seeks to do some more shenanigans, Kris ramps up what they want to take for weapons. Confrontations with VII continue. Information abounds! Everybody funks.  Kris Larson is played by Robert and Kent Brunnell is played by Aaron.Continue Reading

Kent and Kris wake up in a dark room with someone else in the room. Cassandra takes the brothers to a house, six redheads greet them. They meet Tiffany, Danielle, Sasha, Nina, Cassie, and Samantha. They learn that VII is running the show in Bismarck! Secrets about their past comeContinue Reading