Kent has already lost a wolf. Kris and Betty the Screamer are waking up right, and the rest of the ghouls have primo jobs to support Kris. Both Kris and Kent independently arrive at the same night club. Combat ensues… surprise!  Tricia’s Barkery is now! Kris Larson is playedContinue Reading

Kent tries to pull “a Kris.” The players start trying to put things together, together. The mail reveals some intriguing information. Obelisk mysteries start getting figured out, the duo travels around to start solving some other mysteries, and unprecedented cooperation occurs. Kent causes half of Sears to sleep, abruptly… andContinue Reading

Kent starts learning about other Disciplines from one of the books he found. Kris and Kent cross reference their “conspiracy board” with their hand drawn maps. The pair stop trusting each other, mainly due to meta reasons. Kent discovers discovers something that ties in with the obelisks. Kent learns thatContinue Reading