The straw poll was up for a couple of weeks and the public response was light, but there was a definitive answer: there will be a Discord server for BuJoRPG. I can certainly see the concern for the one who voted against the server, worried that having such a thingContinue Reading

Would you like to have a BuJoRPG specific Discord server? I’d be there to answer questions and be interacted with, plus having live feedback would help get me going again on things. Here’s the poll: Reading

I have not taken the time to post anything on this site that has been informational in some time. That has been something of a poor choice on my part and needs to be corrected. This is the post that corrects that error. Read on and if you think IContinue Reading

There is updates about me, this show, the Greatest Show, life, BujoRPG, BuJourneyRPG, and more! Thank you David E. for your support on Patreon! Host: DJ AllenIntro Music: The Idea of You by Nine Inch Nails (from Not the Actual Events)Outtro Music: The Perfect Drug by Nine Inch Nails Contact:Website: www.EmeraldSpecter.comEmail: @EmeraldSpecterInstagram: @EmeraldSpecterContinue Reading