It was a dark and stormy night. Wow, that was not really exciting at all… and I used “it” when I could have used something else.  It’s the war against “it” in today’s Storytelling Specter! Write a paragraph without really thinking about what you’re writing and you’ll more than likelyContinue Reading

If you’d have told me that Fitness Specter was going to be my most popular column, I would have told you that was awesome.  However, I would not have guessed that.  So, why not get into the column, right?  FITNESS! Are you eating clean?  Think about your last three meals.Continue Reading

Yeah, yeah, yeah… I actually flubbed the “World Football 1” post by posting it rather than scheduling it.  I would have avoided having to change the name already when I came up with the spectacular name change idea.  So, let’s just go ahead and forget about that and get intoContinue Reading

If you’ve noticed a pattern, I’ve stopped subtitling as much as I used to.  That makes finding something specific you’ve read a little harder to find, but it allows me to write a little more freely.  If you really hate it, let me know.  Otherwise, let’s get to this… ThereContinue Reading

I’m getting more and more out of my time, now… and since I always meet with my writing club on Mondays (at least where I currently live), I’ve decided to write myself a new little column that I’ll put out on Mondays.  Welcome to Storytelling Specter. The first and mostContinue Reading