Yes, yes, I know… another chess column. But if you didn’t like chess, then why are you coming to this website? Before I begin with the meat of this column, I should note that the things that interest me are the things I talk about. Those include, but are notContinue Reading

The title is really a misnomer, sort of… I really mean “how to fix chess to be closer to a spectator sport than it currently is” and you can already see that title is too long. So, I shortened it. I’ve got a story to tell, it’ll be less aboutContinue Reading

First and foremost, I mislabeled the show as episode 5 in a couple of places… shouldn’t matter. This is the end. (prochesleague): Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSSContinue Reading

The PRO Chess League weeks 1 and 2 are over and I do a terrible job covering them. First time back jitters. Host: DJ “The Emerald Specter” Allen Contact: Email: Twitter: @EmeraldSpecter Instagram: @EmeraldSpecter Website: Hashtags: #chess #PROChessLeague (prochesleague): Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android |Continue Reading

The PRO Chess League 2018 Qualifier is over and the results are basically in! The six definitive qualified teams and the most likely winners of the voting are discussed! Host: DJ “The Emerald Specter” Allen Contact: Email: Twitter: @EmeraldSpecter Instagram: @EmeraldSpecter Website: Hashtags: #chess #PROChessLeague (prochesleague): PlayContinue Reading

If you woke up this morning wondering where the Journal of the Emerald Specter was, you’d be right in thinking you just can’t find it. Well, here it is, and it wasn’t prewritten for a number of reasons. I normally write the Journal on the same day I record theContinue Reading

The trio of DJ, Tricia, and special guest Dan from Fear the Boot, the crew talks about RPGs (and a little bit more)… to include volunteering, being an objective reviewer, and the tale of the Drug Tree! There’s so much more! Hosts: DJ Allen, Tricia Allen, and Dan from FearContinue Reading

Welcome to the PRO Chess League Podcast! The introduction for the podcast, reasons why the podcast exists, what to expect from the podcast, and a little bit of information about what the PRO Chess League is are all contained within! Join the audience and help boost the PRO Chess LeagueContinue Reading

Back at the regular day (for the last time), “the Emerald Specter” DJ Allen discusses his chess journey; from learning the game, to the middle school chess club, Chessbase news, playing, Endgame (the Bobby Fischer book), the PRO Chess League, and the impending PRO Chess League Podcast! Host: DJContinue Reading