Coming Soon… BuJoRPG and More

There has been a lot of thinking that has gone on for the better part of the year so far… and I’ve already launched the BuJoRPG Dev Blog, which has immediately made an impact with traffic. So, with some other tings on my plate and a rough outline of a plan made, let me tell you what is about to happen in the next few months on

First and foremost, BuJoRPG and those related items are going to come to the forefront of what happens on this site. You will see more BuJoRPG related items, whichever version, than anything else on the website. This is “where my bread is buttered” so I need to start catering to what people want if I’d like to succeed. That means a couple of things are going to need to be explained if this is going to work as promised.

All pre-written columns will release as scheduled. They were written on a rotating variety of topics, some of them are “in the can,” so I’m not wasting that content. After the pre-written and loaded stuff finishes releasing, I may put out an unrelated column from time to time, but the Emerald Specter regular column as a non-BuJoRPG column will drastically be reduced.

Podcasting is coming back. The Specter Show is going to be recorded during a trip that I’m taking soon, so you’ll get a new episode and that episode will be heavy on the BuJoRPG content, so if you’re into audio, listen in. After that, the Specter Show will probably become exclusively BuJoRPG content, meaning I can either keep this as audio-only content or move into the “video” that I took a poll about, making way for a switch in format.

Website redesign is also impending. I’ve used this theme for my site for about two years and I’d like to switch things up to put content first. Some links will become obscured, disappear, or generally head to the background while I concentrating on making BuJoRPG content front and center. Along with a general “refreshing new look” I’ll be adding things into the site… like some game-ified content, as well as some other interactivity things (like the return of the forum, which will have a serious BuJoRPG related direction). I can’t say what I’m adding yet because I don’t know all the particulars, but things will definitely be more interesting if you show up on the site.

Things that are going to change drastically: the Greatest Show will probably be highly infrequent, with my desire to keep the show active and the hurt I’ll suffer if I let the show die after running for 5 years. The latest recorded episode will be released on both YouTube and through the podcast feed, as soon as I can figure out why my programs aren’t operating like they should…

Another big change, as explained before, is the pull back of the Emerald Specter column. I may make a commentary now and then but regular weekly releases are going to go away (for the foreseeable future). The stuff in the can will drop until it is done and then you’ll see a lull… a BIG lull.

Projects that have been stewing for some time are going to be removed from the site. Chess related items, which will be discussed in an upcoming release, will be removed almost entirely from the site. That’s not a big traffic item and when you read the column, you’ll understand why I’m pulling things back.

Social media and Patreon will become more important as I progress forward. If I get Patreon support, I’ll have exclusive content as well as being able to dedicate more time to BuJoRPG related items. No Patreon support and I continue at the current pace, which is a “if I have time, I can work 15 to 20 minutes here and there” situation.

Finally, with the new look will come the opportunity to have some new content. BuJourneyRPG is story related items and I would potentially like to post some of my own story related work on the site. No plans are set in stone but if the drive hits, I’ll add a special section for those that are interested.

BuJoRPG and BuJourneyRPG are going to be taking up most of what gets posted here… and now that I’m killing the regular release of Emerald Specter, I can put out MORE BuJoRPG content because I don’t need to shift my focus to anything else.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for impending changes…

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