Coming Soon: The Specter Show


I’ve talked about having another podcast/netcast/audio/video show for some time with my significant other and the time has come to actually put that information out in preparation for the eventual show debuting in (what I hope to be) January of 2015. Yes, I will be back in 2015.

The Specter Show, as I am calling this, was originally conceived when I relaunched the website as Emerald I was thinking of using Mixlr as the way to broadcast that but without having unlimited options for length, I either have to cut down on what I wanted to originally do until I can get some financial support (Mixlr free only allows an hour of live broadcasting at a time) or I can simply use Google+ Hangouts on Air (and since I’m not keen on doing a video show, I’d put up an image that would cover the video feed). Knowing that, what are you interested in seeing?

Eventually, I’d like to make the Specter Show a DAILY show (Monday through Friday), concentrating on things that interest me (highlighting chess, MMA/UFC, WWE, role playing, movies, writing, reading, NFL, soccer, fitness), including the possible “random topics” that tend to come up from time to time. If I start out with a weekly show, once a week, and build up from there, I think I can expand as I go. Maybe start at a single one hour show, expand to a single two hour show, expand to two one hour shows, etc, etc, etc… does that sound like something you’d like to hear?

If I do a G+ Hangout on Air, you need a browser to listen live. If I use Mixlr, you can use the app to listen live. In either case, the show will be released on a podcast feed so that you can listen to things in post, if you aren’t able to listen live. The idea behind Mixlr is interacting with a live chat while I’m running the show. The Hangout, while possible to do the same, can’t use a single interface to do it… so I’d have to use Twitter or some other chat program to run the same thing. Mixlr limits me to that hour for the free account, too… keep that in mind.

So, I’d like to hear from you. What do you want to hear? Mixlr with the chat but limited to an hour (until I get some financial support)? G+ Hangout on Air without video and a Twitter tie in chat?

Eventually, I’d like to get back into video. I’d like to have some sort of “studio” set up to do that in, though, and I won’t have that capability until 2016 at the earliest. Let’s look at the “now,” though. What do you want to hear/see? Let me know my emailing ( at ), subject line “The Specter Show Feedback”!

Thanks for reading!

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