Coming soon to a website near you is a new experiment that I am going to be testing out. I like writing columns. I like writing stories. I have very little time to dedicate to one or the other, which tends to mean when I do have time that I fuss over which to do and end up doing neither… so instead, I’ll do both.

Starting with an upcoming column relaunch that I’m going to be bringing you, I am going to write a column FOLLOWED by a story in the very same post. You’ll get twice the content in a single post. I intend to release these things weekly but we won’t tie me down to that just yet.

The idea is that those who want the column content get their content, while those who want more than just a column will be getting a (possibly near, if not exactly) weekly narrative that will progress as time goes on. The idea is that the narrative won’t be some epic sized thing but will progress things along as quickly as necessary to have an interesting story… and I might be doing this in the “HBO style” of storytelling: 13 installments per “season.” I may also just release as many as I feel necessary and then move on to the next series.

If the column is about chess, then the story will be “of a chess nature.” I’d like to talk about all kinds of subjects (superheroes, comics, space, chess, writing, etc) and that opens the door for me to include my story ideas that have been building up a place to be released for public consumption.

Hopefully you enjoy the combination and (if things don’t go perfectly) I may end up breaking them up in the future… especially if I’ve run out of things to write in a column about a subject that would no longer be part of the story releases.

Until the first one, though, I’ll let you chew on that for a little while. I haven’t start writing anything yet but I’ve been working out plot directions for things and I’m hoping that will get me moving in the right direction.

Think on it.

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