Coming Together Now

Things are starting to come together now… yes, I think so.

I’ve introduced you all to the new site, the new domain name, the new logo… I’ve introduced you all to Life Imitates Wrestling, Ingress Intel, and now Fitness Specter.  I do my little movie reviews, well, reviews of all kinds video, and I’m looking at doing book reviews.  There is still more coming, yes, yes there is.

While I enjoy writing columns, I’ll also be adding in a little bit of fiction now and then.  In fact, I’m planning to release some serial fiction on the site and that will come around the same time I do something else I’ve been talking about: starting up my live audio show.  Well, podcast, but we can call these things anything we want when they’re live, right?

What will the audio show entail?  There will be “talk radio” style shows, there will be fully produced audio dramatizations (full readings of my work by me, but if others want to join in, I’ll gladly accept the help).  Another thing I’d like to do is have regular “bits,” segments of other shows that really just become the entire show… so, while it’ll be sporadic at first, I’m guessing these bits will turn into some fan favorites and I’ll end up doing them more often.

That’s another thing I need to mention… I want to do the show more than once a week.  I’d love to do it five days a week but I’ll start small and work my way up.  Does that sound fair?

The Greatest Show is still around, too, it just live on YouTube only now… go there to watch it.  The channel is Emerald Specter, not Lime Flavored.

How about me relaunching WAFFLE?  Yes, that’s coming.  That place holder on the left side of the screen is there not only to tease but also to remind me to get things moving.  I want to do them right, fuller, and hopefully draw others in… which is why Fitness Specter was started, so keep an eye on that.  WAFFLE may have a lot to do with Fitness Specter.

Is there more?  You bet!  I’d like to do all kinds of things and part of that is getting into good habits.  Habits like working out on a regular basis, putting out content on a regular basis, and making sure that I’m making quality strides towards what I want to do instead of just talking about what I want to do.  That’s lip service and I’m not paying that anymore.

Interested?  I hope so… because things will just keep getting better… and they’ll REALLY get better when I move!

Think on it.

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