Discord for BuJoRPG

The straw poll was up for a couple of weeks and the public response was light, but there was a definitive answer: there will be a Discord server for BuJoRPG.

I can certainly see the concern for the one who voted against the server, worried that having such a thing would pull away from the work of making BuJoRPG2 itself, but the point of the server is to get feedback, take suggestions, and most importantly get some alpha and beta testers that I can use to test things that I just won’t be able to accomplish myself.

While I have already created the server, the server is not yet ready for incoming users. There are a few things I need to format and set up on the server before I can open the flood gates. There is always a little work to do before something can be “released” for public consumption.

My intention to to get the basics working for BuJoRPG2 and then let the community sort of work out the rest of the form from there. Yes, you read that right, BuJoRPG2 is technically an open RPG bullet journal project because I’m overwhelmed at the present. Having help would be a good thing as well as making something that you all are expecting would be beneficial as well.

Stay tuned for the link to the new Discord and some updated Patreon information regarding the BuJoRPG system in general. There are ideas out there that will be helping the system grow into the future.

Edit: 15 minutes after I posted this I had time to work on the Discord server, so there is now an open and ready server to join: https://discord.gg/APyWfV3

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