Yes, I started out this post with a facepalm because I deserve to give you one of ME doing a facepalm. Again, if you would please continue on reading before you roll your eyes, I’ve got a little bit of explaining to do.

Perhaps starting an actual play podcast during the “peak season” wasn’t the wisest idea. That’s not stopping anyone, though, we have run into another snag.

Tonight, for our second session (and was hoped our first released episode), we have hit a couple of snags in the session tonight: I’ve got to leave and come back for most of the session time, something that came up at the last moment, and we mutually all agreed to hold off until the next session.

We are all dedicated to this and we will have a time set up as soon as we can get one set up. October 12 was our next scheduled time but we have one player who will now be out of town and we will figure out when we’re recording next.

Since there are issues with the video, I am setting up a new computer, with a new camera, and a new setup to record (if nothing else) that audio until we can get the video side of things rolling correctly. We are NOT fading.

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