Emerald Nights: A Vampire the Masquerade Chronicle is a Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition chronicle set in the city of Portland, OR. The Storyteller, DJ Allen, is running his cast of characters through the modern nights of personal horrors, Kindred politics, and supernatural happenings as each member of the story seeks to survive to see another night.

Pre-Season One

The cast was Mike M., Mike T., and Aaron going through the initial nights of subversion, being the pawns of those far more powerful than themselves. Though attempts to record these sessions were made, none of these recordings survived intact.

A summary of the events include the Baron Flavia Decker (Nox’s handler), Prince Abigail Cain (Cameron Locke’s handler), and Director Malachi Ross (John’s handler) were sent to investigate and apprehend Thin Blood alchemists, then to investigate a construction site that unveiled the location of a long lost sarcophagus that turned out to be Draegus, and were eventually led to meet up with some others along the way (including a Nosferatu named Vi, among the other regular cast members to appear in Season One).

Season One

The events in Season One are chronicled in the audio adventures of the Actual Play stream episodes:
01 – Trouble at the Clubhouse
02 – A Call to Action
03 – Raid on the Greenhouse
04 – Showdown
05 – Blacklight
06 – The Gravestones
07 – Harbingers
08 – The Magic Touch
09 – Inquisition Showdown
10 – My Friend is My Enemy

Season Two

The events in Season Two are chronicled in the audio adventures of the Actual Play stream episodes as yet released… those episodes will be listed here when the season is completely released.

More updates to come…

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