Emerald Specter 115: My Wife is Addicted to Escape Rooms

My wife is addicted to Escape Rooms. I could literally leave this column at that single, short sentence but I felt it was time to out my wife in public and compare her addiction to some of my own.

That, and I wanted to talk about escape rooms.

This header is the only one that really fits, so I went with “Entertainment” and will just roll with it.

About a year ago, my wife wanted to go to an escape room for the first time… and I think it was for her birthday… maybe. I was also interested in escape rooms and was completely willing to go. My brother in-law and his wife (whom I refer to as my sister in-law-in-law) joined us, as well as two strangers, and voila! Fun was had.

Since then, my wife has really wanted to do more (and we’ve done several)… but I’m getting ahead of myself.

The escape room we did was themed as an assassin’s apartment that we were investigating and got locked in, forcing us to solve our way out. Two days later my wife and I did another escape room, because she enjoyed it so much, that was us solving a Russian stolen nuclear rod… and we solved that one, too.

A couple months later, we went on vacation to Las Vegas (in an unseasonably warm period of time). During our stay, due to the sweltering heat, we ended up staying indoors for most of the trip and that spawned her looking for escape rooms in Vegas. We ended up doing no less than four, but I’m pretty sure we did five.

After returning home, we’ve been to a place about an hour away twice, winning one and losing one, which has not sated my wife’s appetite for more. As I write this, she’s already asked me to do one every day this week… whether or not she’s being serious is another story. If I said yes, though, I guarantee we’d be at that rooms solving one.

While my wife has gotten addicted to these things, and I do enjoy doing them, I just want to space them out a little more. It’s more fun if we don’t do one so often that I dread them, which hasn’t happened yet but I can see that happening if I give in. I would like to say that I like things in moderation.

That’s where my addictions come in.

I’m addicted to comic books. I’m also recently addicted to tattoos (I got my first one and I’m already planning on getting a second, third, and more). I’m also, unfortunately, addicted to starting new things and not finishing them (i.e. SpecterChess, though that isn’t entirely my fault).

While escape rooms are fun, I’m worried we’ll exhaust our options locally and we’ll end up traveling well out of town to find more to do. That means vacations might turn into escape room trips rather than relaxing entertainment.

I guess I felt I had more to say. I apparently don’t.

I do have fun in these rooms and I’d like to do them but just not so many in such a short period of time.

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