Emerald Specter 124: A Lot

There is so much I want, no need, to talk about that I couldn’t even put a title on this column. I couldn’t even just put a title on this and I need to start putting words into the screen or I’ll just explode.

One thing that I’ve got to address is that I’ve been noticing that there is an uproar over things that people seem to consider “tradition.” The specific item that set off my ire is Doctor Who’s big twist causing impotent nerd rage across the Internet. (That link is the best story I could find on short notice.) The problem is that everyone thinks that rewriting the Doctor’s history is sacrilege, which has been a complaint since the very beginning of the show… when Hartnell changed into Troughton and changes were made way back then. Fans have literally been moaning about Doctor Who changes since they started happening. The change didn’t make Doctor Who worse, it opened up the show to more opportunities for stories.

That isn’t the only “traditional” thing I’m referring to, though, but the organizations that are pseudo-social groups that uphold decades (or sometimes centuries) old “traditions” for the sake of upholding them while they bleed membership instead of adopting slight changes because they need to adopt changes. The funny thing about those organizations is that they have previously adopted changes to adapt to the times but stopped adapting for some odd reason and just make excuses now. It infuriates me.

Moving along…

COVID-19 is running wild all over the world and I’ve been lucky enough to be free from being exposed as well as having no one I care about being exposed to the disease thus far. This is a problem that is running rampant worldwide and while we in the United States haven’t even seen the height of this disease yet, there has already been an enormous amount of ignorance I’ve been witness to regarding COVID-19.

Let me explain. I live in Oregon, but I’m originally from North Dakota. Oregon, Washington, California, Idaho, and Nevada are all being hit pretty hard by COVID-19 infections (and deaths), as well as the measures being taken by the governments of the states (and the federal government) to protect the citizens of these areas from infection. Are these precautions convenient? Absolutely not, but I am not complaining because I’m actually a lot closer to exposure than I’m entirely comfortable with at the moment.

There have been some extremely ignorant, and some highly racist, statements that I have seen made on social media from people I know personally back in North Dakota. The COVID-19 cases in ND are low, yes, but they are still there and that means they need to take precautions. Those precautions are NOT an “overreaction.” Those precautions are NOT “political maneuvering” to get rid of the current President. The virus didn’t get here “because of some illegal crossing the border.” That’s all the quotes I’m going to use and I can tell you those aren’t even the worst ones.

Maybe you aren’t seeing the problem as directly as I am. Am I frightened about what is going on? Personally, I don’t think I’m worried about dying or anything, I don’t believe I have an immune deficiency that will compromise me. There are two coworkers that do, though, and my infection with COVID-19 could kill both of them. If I don’t worry about that, or “overreact” about that, I’d be a heartless piece of shit. So, maybe some out there may want to widen their narrow view of what they see to try and see things from a different perspective.

Moving along…

BuJoRPG2 is currently sitting within arm’s reach at the moment and with everything gone wacky around the world, I’ve had to put things aside and focus on getting things in order first before moving forward with putting the rest of what I need to online. When the COVID-19 stuff first popped up, everything was still normal… then the hoarders started buying all the toilet paper and all kinds of other food items and suddenly trying to find necessities became a real problem. So, after work turned into a hunt for decent food and that sidelined extracurricular work.

Sorry fans. I am writing this on the eve of my long weekend from work, where we will be cleaning the hell out of our house because with all the mish-mash grocery shopping we’ve done, along with the lack of keeping up with the housework, and the eating out a lot so we save some of the food we’ve bought for when eating out isn’t an option. When we clean up I’ll be able to get back to putting BuJoRPG2 up online and getting things developed out for the regular releases.

Moving along…

If you aren’t watching Jelle’s Marble Runs, why not? Really, why not? As I write this, Marbula 1 is running in full force (it’s marbles doing Formula 1 racing), but the Marble League (formerly known as the MarbleLympics) will be coming back in April, which is the premier marble sports event online. Marble racing is blowing up online during our quarantine time, so why not enjoy hours of marble racing and watch Jelle’s Marble Runs? There’s a Discord community and everything!


This website is getting a makeover. I have mentioned this before and I have made some preliminary design choices in the background along with some logo tweaks to see what things will look like when I make the switch. The decisions have basically been made and while I have the main Emerald Specter logo is designed, the satellite logos aren’t designed (Emerald Nights: A Vampire the Masquerade Chronicle, BuJoRPG, etc). This is something I haven’t had time for (for the aforementioned reasons) and I would really like to have everything ready to go before I switch to the new look.

I know this last piece doesn’t sound like the most important part of the whole column but it belongs at the end because I needed to end in a place where things weren’t tense or angry. Refreshing the site is important because I need a way to give me a new push towards starting to do things in a generally positive direction. A fresh start. My way of making Emerald Specter be something useful and amazing for the new decade.

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