Emerald Specter 125: The Future of Emerald Specter Podcasts

It is high time that I took some time to talk about the one thing that has previously been a constant on this website, though a constant that has been inconsistent in content. Since I’ve been slowly updating things on this website with new news, I thought it was time to hit podcasting, as it is going to be a big part of the future of Emerald Specter moving forward.

The Specter Show

What happens with the flagship program of the podcasting “empire” that is the Specter Show? Well, let’s take a look at what the Specter Show is, spawned from, and where the future of the show would go to determine if there is a future for that show.

When I started the Specter Show, the idea was to just talk about whatever was on my mind. That slowly morphed into a constant update cycle about what was going on with the website, which in turn limited the re-listen factor of the show. No longer would a listener need to go back into the archives to listen to episode 23 because after hearing episode 45, they knew that it was all about what was going on with the website then and thus unimportant to the present.

That isn’t what I wanted the show to be and I want that to have changed. Unfortunately, I don’t really have a ready answer ready to replace that at the present.

I want this show to be something important, or at least entertaining and I don’t have that ready right now. So, the show is now on indefinite hiatus.

The Greatest Show

When Bob and I started this show in March of 2013, we were just looking to have fun conversations recorded on video mainly consisting of our fun Navy stories and my favorite “Bob-isms” saved for posterity. When Bob and I added other bits to the show, like watching my wife cook, views went up and conversations continued to flow.

Then the show started to take on a new form, with different hosts, Bob not being able to be on as often, and different types of geeky conversations. That was all well and good until the shows started spacing out and then almost stopped.

I really want this format to work but getting together is harder and harder. Having regular cast members outside of me and possibly my wife is difficult to arrange. Getting non-regular guests is much harder than that.

All I can hope for is more flexible time to have (perhaps) more one on one interviews, though the more freeform fun conversations is still my goal. Just like the Specter Show, this show is also going to be on hiatus for the time being, but unlike the Specter Show, the Greatest Show will likely return once a short run schedule can be worked out (sort of like the season format we did for 2017/2018). Stay tuned.

Legacy: Shadows of Blood and Dark Green: The Blackwood Chronicles

The two actual plays that I have had created in the past (2005 and 2011 respectively) have now both completed their re-releases here on the Emerald Specter website. There are no new episodes, though the Dark Green podcast hints that there may be more with the end title being “The End?”

Originally, Dark Green continues with a new squad continuing on where the old squad left off. Mr. Polite stuck around, Remy Augustus was sticking around, and they were being joined by three new characters that attended any sessions of continuation. Mr. Polite was gone after one session, Remy Augustus was gone after two, and one of the new characters was gone in one session. I recruited a new player to replace that to bring my squad up to three, and instead of continuing a story they had no stake in, we decided to go into Requiem for Rome. That went three sessions before it was dead in the water. Only 2 viable episodes ever were edited and thus I never released anything of the extension. I don’t really talk to any of the cast members anymore at all, so no one will be returning anytime soon.

Legacy: Shadows of Blood was never intended to be extended. Kent Larsen/Brunell (Aaron) is currently playing in my new actual play that is getting ready to start releasing episodes soon, so you’ll get to hear his voices again soon. Robert is someone I don’t talk with anymore and probably wouldn’t be interested in joining another game.

I am really glad that these two games have seen the light of day again and I really hope everyone enjoys hearing them. I look forward to bringing more to the listening audience as soon as I can.

Emerald Specter Originals

Now we look towards the future of podcasting on this website. How I want to do podcasting, the directions I want to go in, and what I want to be known for in the long term. Every brand on the Internet is going into original content, not Intellectual Property material, and I’ve been working on things to get me moving in that direction.

There is a handful of options I have ready to start various stages of production (writing, editing, recording, editing, release, etc), and while you might not see anything immediately, you will start seeing results in the future.

I don’t know how deep into what I want to reveal I want to go here, but I do want to lightly tease some things so that you have something to look forward to, which is the best thing I can do, really. (That sentence is long because I didn’t want to end with the “to,” it’s not correct.)

There is an idea that I’ve had to create a world from the very beginning, everything from inception to the important stories of what goes on in that world… and that is something you’ll hear from me.

I’ve been working on a shared “superhero” universe for the better part of 25 years, and while I’ve wanted to turn that into a comic book series, I realize that I know that’s probably going to not happen in my lifetime due to time constraints. This leads me to realize that while my superheroes have gone from strictly superheroes into a wider range of character types, I can also turn their larger story into an audio on (or maybe even a YouTube video series). I don’t know when this will come, but I want to finish this one, so look forward to that, too.

This is all I’ll tease, but there is so much more. I have so much material that I want to get out in the world and now is my time to start getting that out there.

Emerald Nights: A Vampire the Masquerade Chronicle

As I mentioned above, there is a new actual play podcast being recorded in the background, and actually has been for sometime now. I wanted to get a few sessions in the can built up, then edited up, so that there was releases ready to go before getting everything set up for the actual release schedule. We are nearing that time, though there will be a big “official launch” when the time actually comes.

Join us in our newest adventure… coming soon.

Emerald Nights: A Vampire the Masquerade Chronicle is a tale about Portland, Oregon and what weird situations have occurred in the city that prides itself on being weird.

Though we started our adventures with a much different cast of characters, the ones who have made it to the actual production stages is different and they bring a much different perspective on what we began with, allowing for us to go in very interesting directions.

As noted earlier, Aaron (of Legacy: Shadows of Blood) is among that cast as he once again steps into the role of a vampire, though this time in the world of the Masquerade (rather than Requiem). Join us as this vampire tale twists and turns in ways you can’t imagine.

In closing…

The future of podcasting here is not completely listed above. I wanted to get something out there so you’d understand that something is coming in the way of audio entertainment.

I’ve built a podcast studio in my house and I really want to use it for audio and video purposes, though audio is what it is set up for currently. As I move into the next phase of my life, I want to get into production and not only being the content producer but producing the content of others as that content comes my way.

I look forward to writing more regularly again, and maybe putting up the first glimpse of BuJoRPG2 for the year!

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