Emerald Specter 128: Pandemic Times

The world has been in strange times since February, locked down since March in most places, and there have been a great number of people that have been stuck indoors where they live with little to nothing to do but wonder about things. I say most people because there are some who are “essential personnel” had to stay out in the world and continue doing things. Some had to keep working and didn’t get a break, keep working while wondering what was next.

I was one of those people.

Earlier in the year, I made a couple of promises about BuJoRPG2. One of those promises was an impending BuJoRPG podcast that would just take over the old Specter Show feed. The other promise was that I was going to be rolling out BuJoRPG2 stuff and bringing you along on that journey. I was even going to be doing that through the podcast, a video podcast that would show you what I was talking about instead of just talking about it.

My goal was to push a little harder to make this happen, because I’ve been a lot busier, and I wanted to keep my promises of making this happen soon. Well, I’ve got to say that my efforts are just draining me and I need to get real with things.

Work is not just as busy as usual but way busier than usual. I am also part of my wife’s business, which has exploded since the pandemic has hit because everyone is locked down. After those two mandatory commitments, I have exactly ONE thing that I do as free time that happens every other weekend (one night): a game I run called Emerald Nights: A Vampire the Masquerade Chronicle (which will soon eventually be released on the Actual Play feed for your listening enjoyment).

With all that being said, I am still trying to get the podcast recorded and I’m still actively working on getting the BuJoRPG2 ready for a “viewing” audience rather than just a listening audience. This will take time, though, and I am trying my best.

This pandemic has sort of ruined everything. Yes, it’s ruined normality. Yes, it’s ruined free time as I knew it. Yes, it’s ruined smooth running at work because every day is freaking Christmas volumes of packages. Despite all this, I push to move forward and make as much progress as I can.

Please be patient as I make time for things when I can. A side note about making time for things, I can tell you a little story below.

I haven’t been doing anything journal related for at least 6 months, though I did try to get things set up for a 2020 return to bullet journaling. When I came up with a new design for my digital bullet journal, I wanted to get BuJoRPG2 set up in that while I got back into running myself through the BuJoRPG2 system and doing general bullet journaling again.

A sci-fi HUD inspired bullet journal.

I’ve been designing digital bullet journals for a while now, making them in all sorts of color combinations, with lines, dots, and grids… then I even went wild and made one that had old paper that I called “the Ancient BuJo.” Sort of my homage to Indiana Jones… ish.

The sci-fi HUD was a new breakthrough. I stopped trying to make the journal look like a book and made the page one big surface. Why try to break the one big surface up into two smaller ones for the sake of aesthetics?

With that aside, I am diligently working, albeit slowly, to bring what I’ve promised. It is STILL coming.

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