The title may scare some people, while others might wonder what the hell I’m talking about. Either way, if the words grabbed your attention then I’d like to tell you a little bit of a story about how life has changed for me while I’ve been developing BuJoRPG2 (tweaking it from BuJourneyRPG) at the same time as I’ve been modifying my own social media habits. With any luck, you’ll all learn a little something about yourselves along the way. 

I’d like to begin by stating that I’ve gotten my “sci-fi HUD” bullet journal working completely, which I may have mentioned in my last post. Since I posted that, though, I haven’t even gotten the chance to write, draw, or so much as open that journal once because of my work flow during this pandemic. That all changes with this post. 

When I started journaling, it was with the intent of being better at… well, at life. I loved setting things up, checking off the items from my lists, and making progress towards goals. I’m working on getting back towards those goal settings, checklists, and being better at life. I need to build the structure back into my days in order to get BuJoRPG2 worked on or it’ll just sit there doing not much of anything. 

One of the things I decided a long time ago was to stop using Facebook. I didn’t delete the account, I just stopped using it. In December 2018 I made my last post and then didn’t make a post until the George Floyd riots in June 2020. With Mark Zuckerberg’s decision to align with tracking and advertising, I finally made the decision to delete Facebook. My account is now gone. So is my Instagram. I never used WhatsApp. 

Social media, for me, has been a terrible distraction. Not good in the least. I ended up scrolling pointless posts or responding to things I didn’t need to be responding, engaging with things that weren’t worth my time. With all of Facebook’s products gone from my life, I’m also off tumblr, not that I’ve done anything but have my posts on this website post there for the last couple of years. Removing these things has given me a reason to engage with real people again in settings that don’t allow trolls to be emboldened by a wall of anonymity. 

I haven’t completely removed myself from social media. I have kept Twitter, mostly for commenting purposes (as I don’t really read much of others’ posts). The other social media platform I’ve kept is YouTube, which is something I’ve used since the earlier days and because I’ve never really looked at the comments as a means of communication (ie I ignore the trolls), I will be keeping that as a means of continued release of my content there.

Having said all of that, I’ve removed most of my “social media distractions” and I’m a lot healthier as well as happier because of that. Just getting rid of the negativity or the bubbles people live in makes life a lot better to live, in my opinion. I’m old enough to remember when there was no social media and you actually had to have conversations between people face to face.

Now that I’ve hit you with a wall of text about how I’ve left social media, let me tell you how that ties into BuJoRPG2.

One of the aspects of the new BuJoRPG is a “Social” aspect. While that may, on the surface, seem like the perfect “social media” aspect, I’m actually going to make sure that this ties into making you interact with human beings instead of through social media. BuJoRPG2 is about self-improvement and that can’t be done through social media. Ultimately, I can’t control how you use my system but the intent is that you take this opportunity to break away from technology a little and start being more of who you can be: improved.

As I dive into my bullet journal today, I am going to be setting up my personal goals, daily tasks, what routines I need to be getting back into, what milestones I need to be hitting by what times, setting deadlines for BuJoRPG2 release versions (as of this post, I’m using version 0.1 as the base version for what I have), and start getting some podcasts recorded as promised. The podcasts, as I’ve said before, would be video (though there will be audio releases for them as well), and I’d like to have my bullet journal as the centerpiece for those ready to go… that means I’ve got to get a ton of stuff set up so I’m ready to podcast sooner rather than later.

There will be a story element to BuJoRPG2 as well. That part of BuJourneyRPG isn’t gone, it’s just not the intricate solo RPG that I’d built up from before, it’ll be a much different looking beast. Everyone will get the baseline story for free, with the baseline self-improvement path for free that will help everyone get started and give everyone an idea how to move forward.

I need funding, though, to keeping moving forward with bigger, better, and bolder ideas. This will come in the form of expansions to the story, as well as digital journals for sale (which my HUD will act as the second journal I’ve made that I can post as an option), and I’m hoping to add more.

While women make up the majority of the bullet journaling community, there are men out there that bujo. I am one of them and I’d like to give some masculine options (though not only masculine options) with my offerings.

Thank you for reading and wish me luck today… first I get some tattoos, then I get to bujo.

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