Emerald Specter 14: Time is the Enemy


Some wonder why I don’t post more often. Some wonder why SpecterFit isn’t actually a weekly thing. Some wonder why the ESPL isn’t running non-stop year round instead of being simulated “seasons” like a video game you don’t need time in between. The thing about all these items is that they require time. Time is currently my enemy, because I don’t get paid for the stuff I do on this website.

SpecterFit started out as a way to chronicle what I’ve learned while losing weigh, weight lifting, and working out in general. Well, I moved to Portland from Bismarck and the food around this place is amazing. I haven’t been working out here because, as any of you know, I’m brand loyal and I was going to Gold’s Gym in Bismarck… something that Portland doesn’t have. I haven’t found another gym here and working out at home is easy to “put off.”

The ESPL was originally going to be posted weekly with a small break between seasons to set stuff up… that may even still happen, but right now I’m running it “real time.” I can pre-load the posts ahead of time, so that if I get a spurt of time I can put up 5 or 6 posts, or if I won’t get to the weekly posting I have a few posts in waiting so that something is still coming out. If you’re curious, I’ve already loaded the first 2 weeks of the second season already and I’ve not had a chance to work on anything else. There are also several “off season” posts you’ll all be treated to, as the ESPL is expanding!

With time being the enemy, I have to get back on topic… the topic of time being the enemy.

I don’t get paid to do anything on my website. When I was 22, I started dicking around on the Internet and eventually learned how to code using HTML. The driving force behind that was running an eFed, or an electronic wrestling federation. People jump online, pretend to be professional wrestlers, and fun is had. In order to keep doing that, though, one needs a lot of spare time. Thus, the prime time for eWrestlers is ages 15 to the mid-20s. There is a lot of time to be had then, and being 40 now, I can’t keep up with what the kids are doing these days.

Moving away from the eFedding, I wanted to set something up online that kept a running record of all kinds of stuff… I plug this website that inspired that so often that I don’t even think he realizes I drive him a little extra traffic annually. At zompist.com, Mark keeps almost everything that he does online and accessible from his website. That design has been the exact same look for his website since I discovered the site way back in 1999.

The difference between Mark and I is that I would technically be considered an “engineer,” which means I like to change stuff. I have done at least one, if not two or three, redesigns of my website every year since I put it up (the original website was LimeFlavored.com, which went up in 2000 as a free domain and then went ad free in 2001). With almost every design, I ended up having to dump large amounts of information (historical stuff, previous posts, eFed stuff, old designs, etc). Thus, my realization of the Zompist look a like were dashed fairly early on. There was a point where one design I had was so good that I, to this day, think about going back to it… but I don’t want to hand code again.

I’ve utilized hand coded HTML websites, I’ve used content management systems (various ones, too numerous to mention and several that no longer exist), and I’ve been using WordPress for the past five years (at least). I switched from the original domain to this one (EmeraldSpecter.com) as the previous one had things associated with it that I didn’t want to deal with anymore, so a fresh start rebooted everyone’s mental image of what was possible. I’m starting to slide back into the old habits of “drive by” posting, not being consistent, and promising things that never happen.

All because time is the enemy.

I am a writer. I can technically say author since I’ve been published (small, local, not paid), but writer fits better because I think that writing is an ongoing process. I’d like to write a book, multiple books, and I’d like to write comics. I’ve plotted out a couple of each of those and I’ve just never really gotten into moving forward with that. If you saw the slider on the front page, then you also know that I’ve been promising original fiction on the site for at least a year. That’s to say nothing of the podcast that I haven’t started when I said I was going to start it.

I’d really like to get paid to do something that can entertain others. I’d like to write a book and sell that book, so that I could stop working where I work. Working AND this website often gets too much and because I have to make money, the work part of the equation quite often takes control of the non-paid  activities. Money trumps all. I’m not hurting for money but I don’t want to not be making the money so I don’t slip into poverty like I have been in the past.

Life is short. I’ve said in the past that I believe I’m immortal but the body is starting to feel the wear and tear that older folks complain about. My knees have been in bad shape for a long time, my weight is almost back at the level it was when I started losing the 91 pounds that I had lost. My back is starting to hurt in ways it never has before and there is more that I don’t even want to get into. Since life is short, shouldn’t I be doing something that isn’t a chore? Shouldn’t I be doing something that isn’t something to be dreaded? Work is a drag and work has pressures that don’t need to exist (and exist because of specific individuals). It would be nice to get paid to do something else, something I enjoy doing.

Until that happens, though, I guess my ass needs to get up off my couch and go to work. Sad face.

Think on it.

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