Emerald Specter 15: Catching Up

Time to check in with all my loyal readers, listeners, followers, and whatnot. Sure, there could be more, there could be activity, and there could be a lot in the way of posting going on here, but who am I to complain.

If you haven’t noticed, I changed the look of the site up. The images that are associated with the blog postings will probably also be changing in the near future. But before I digress even further, let’s drop the “intro” image and get into the meat and potatoes of this blog.


The recolorized Space Ghost will be the first thing I’ll be working on because, while I love the Hanna Barbera properties (Space Ghost, Blue Falcon, Bird Man, Herculoids, Teen Force, etc), I want to have something a little less “we’ll sue you for using the image” and more Emerald Specter-ish. What do you care until it changes, right?

I’ve been quiet… there have been a lapse in the SpecterFit columns, we have a hiccup in the Greatest Show schedule, and I’ve done little else in the way of getting things done on this site. There are a lot of things I’d like to do but I haven’t taken the time to do them.

That’s about to change.

One of my biggest hiccups with how I operate is the overplanning of projects without actually producing anything significant. For example, let’s say I have this great idea for a book. Rather than do a rough plot outline and start writing, I develop the shit out of the idea and let is sit for years before coming back to it without really remembering what the whole point was in the first place. Writing. I’m currently spinning my wheels with yet another planning escapade for something and I decided this morning that I was going to do something more productive with the actual process.

I’ve been listing the “Specter Show” on this site as “coming soon” and I had intended to start the show, weekly, with the first week in 2016… here I am in June and I still haven’t pushed forward with the show. I’m going to be working on my “big idea” and I’ll probably just put the assembly process while I come up with the background. I’m also thinking about just starting the writing.

Amazing idea, right?

I’d just write a chapter, part, segment (whatever) and post the damn thing on the site. If I make some errors or continuity needs to change, maybe I just rewrite and rerelease the chapter, part, or segment.

As a spoiler alert, I’ve had a few ideas on the back burner for decades and just recently have I started doing something I never realized I could be doing that would be awesome. I’m connecting them all and making everything part of the same continuity. I have some superheroes, they’re in there. I have a science fiction epic, that’s part of the same story. Time traveler? Yep, he’s in there, too. Fantasy adventure, that’s also part of the whole shooting match. Everything is interconnected and now I need to just start putting finger to keyboard (pen to paper) and start writing at least some of this grand connected universe.

This process will be starting today. I need a baseline for the world (geography or planet info), and then I’m going to start writing. I’ll post it, wait for critique, and if there is none, do the next step. I’ll also start podcasting on the Specter Show… hopefully before August. It will start this year, though. I need to do this.


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