Emerald Specter 26: Protests and More


In Portland, there were protests after the election. There were protests in a lot of cities, but in Portland they became riots for at least four nights. In case you were curious, the protests are still going on, though only the hardcore few are still out. During this whole debacle, I noticed a problem with the protest: a lack of solid message.

Without commenting on the politics, the first people to hit the streets was the “anti-Trump” protesters. There were people of ethnic backgrounds, women, LGBTQ, and others who just didn’t like the President-elect. They were going to have a peaceful protest, but within two hours the damaging of property, assaulting of innocent bystanders, and more started happening. I also noticed that the message (remember, the anti-Trump message) was quickly hijacked. Anti-Trump was joined by Black Lives Matter, Don’t Shoot PDX, and a group of anarchists (they were labeled as such, but I’ll henceforth refer to them as assholes) joined the protest. The chanting went from anti-Trump, to BLM chanting, to Don’t Shoot PDX chanting, to all kinds of other things… like anti-gentrification (a Portland issue), for one.

What happened to the original message?

The protests continued like this for several more nights, each night another group coming out to join the protests. Again, the problems of “what are you protesting” were in full force because even though the anti-Trump group was starting the movement, they were hijacked by others.

When the protesters (such as the Don’t Shoot PDX group) wanted to antagonize the police, anyone who saw the police take control of the situation were complaining the police were out of control. Rocks were thrown, cans were thrown, people getting right up in the riot gear covered officers’ faces and then a tear gas response was deployed.

What is the point of harassing the people trying to prevent senseless and pointless damage to property? In fact, why are you protesting in a city (i.e. blocking traffic, accosting innocent bystanders, writing “fuck Trump” on all kinds of buildings, breaking windows, damaging new cars at a dealership, smashing up public transit video displays, etc) in a state that went for Hillary Clinton? You’re literally protesting and attacking the people who voted the way you wanted!

After it’s all said and done, though like I’ve said the protests are still somewhat happening, the protesting a Trump victory in the 2016 election isn’t going to make a difference. Most of the country (i.e. the popular vote) went for Hillary Clinton, but we don’t use the popular vote as the determining factor to choose a President, we use the Electoral College. If you want real change, start by changing HOW we choose the President and not the results that make you unhappy.

Will anyone of those protesters actually go out and do that? I highly doubt it, because that isn’t random and senseless protesting. The only way to change the system is to CHANGE THE SYSTEM, protesting how the system currently works without working to change it isn’t accomplishing anything.

And if you’re going to protest, stay on message.

Moving right along.

I watch a lot of MMA. Well, maybe not “tons of MMA,” but a fair amount. I also used to watch boxing a lot in the past, as I’ve mentioned before. In either sport, I’ve never witnessed a “no contest” matchup… until the last three weeks. Now I’ve seen one.

The first one comes from Invicta FC 20, where Tonya Evinger defended her Invicta Bantamweight Championship against Yana Kunitskaya. The result of the fight, IN THE RING, was Kunitskaya won by submission. Evinger tapped and a few days later, petitioned the Missouri Athletics Commission to overturn the decision. They granted her appeal. For a frame of reference, the fight occurred in Missouri.

But let me get this straight… you can lose, in front of everyone, fairly and by your own hand and then complain to get your championship back? As far as I’m concerned, Evinger isn’t the Invicta Bantamweight Champion anymore, regardless of what anyone else says. Kunitskaya won and had her victory ripped away because of a situation that has very little details out in the public to analyze. Until there are details, a tantrum overturned a legitimate decision and weakens the Invicta FC organization.

I’ve seen a lot of weird decisions lately. The other one that really bothers me is the Tyron Woodley “majority draw” decision at UFC 205. Two judges tied, one judge chose Woodley. Therefore, there is no draw. The fact that they report that as a majority draw seems highly shady to me and it is an injustice to Woodley, who won that fight regardless of the “1” in his draw column now.

I had also previously wrote several posts on several topics, all of which have been since deleted. Sometimes you just need to write the volatile column to get it out of your system… I had one on the DAPL protests, one involving people who (regardless of evidence they’re wrong) refuse to stop believing someone will take their guns, and people just lot listening to facts. Facts are facts, your opinion is your opinion. Just because you believe a circle looks like a triangle does not make that circle a triangle. Instead of getting into that, I’ll just cut that line of thought off there.

This column was written last night. I’m not nearly as “ahead” as I had been but I wanted to keep rolling with things. I’m going to try to get my head straight and get things working towards completing goals that I’ve set up, which is where I talk about the last topic of this column.

I started a bullet journal. The first day of the journal starts on December 1 and the entire journal is specifically for this website. I am going to accomplish things with this journal for this website and, though I’ve had a rocky start, this column kicks me back into gear and working towards the end goals. More on that bullet journal as time goes on.

Thank you for reading.

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