Emerald Specter 27: We Move Into 2017


We return with another column and the streak continues! I’m building back up a buffer, so hopefully I can bank a few of these to start working on the things I’m going to be talking about in this big column. Yeah, it’s basically another “here’s what’s happening” type column. I’m also going to talk about how things are going to be moving because of the bullet journal I mentioned in the last column.

Read on.

The new year is almost upon us and it’s time I stopped looking back at 2016 and started looking forward to 2017. The focus in 2017 will be building up the EmeraldSpecter.com site and focus will continue to be offering the things that I’ve promised for many times but have failed to deliver. I’m going to run down those things with little notes on where things are going.

First on the list, the Greatest Show has hit the 100th episode and we’re done recording episode 104 as I write this. An episode that replaced a normal group meeting, the Greatest Show Fight Series, debuted at episode 103 and I’ve already announced the lineup for GSFS 2. There will be a few other different types of episodes coming but I wanted to firmly establish the GSFS before focusing on anything else.

Some might consider the GSFS a separate thing… just like the No Man’s Sky YouTube streaming that I started doing. I’ve only put out one episode so far, but I am going to be putting out more. They won’t be Greatest Show offerings, that’ll be their own thing. I may add commentary to them in the future (or stream them with commentary), but right now they’ll just be game play.

The Emerald Specter column, which this is, is working on all gears. I am attempting to put out one column per week, which means that at the end of 2017 I should be on Emerald Specter 81, which would make me a very happy camper. I may have some “off weeks,” but the idea right now is to write a column to be released each week. Topics will be whatever I want to talk about, as they currently are, but I may end up focusing on a specific series of topics and spinning back out the other columns I was writing.

Speaking of the other columns… SpecterFit, Game Specter, UFC Specter, Footie Specter, Storytelling Specter, Specter Fantasy Football, Ingress Intel, and the reviews I was doing are all on the table. I miss talking about the topics, and I’ve included several of them in the Emerald Specter columns, but I think many of them can once again live on their own. SpecterFit was by far the most popular and I’ve already said that I’ll stop being “judge-y” and start being informative (more informative) when I re-launch the column. It won’t be renumbered, but I will be waiting until this column has a higher number. Game Specter would probably be next on my list, with a possibility of another one of those returning in the future after that… but part of accomplishing things is not trying to think too big, so SpecterFit will come next and I need to get more of this column up before I release that again.

That’s just the way it is. Sorry.

I don’t have a really firm grasp on the Emerald Specter Premier League popularity, so I am wondering what the long term future for the league is. As I’ve said before, the whole purpose I brought the league into existence was because I like designing logos and what better way to accomplish that than to have a league where they’re all under my umbrella. I’d love to get others involved (maybe building up a deeper pyramid, with someone else controlling the other levels) but I’ve gotten no feedback, no signals, and even from the logo community I’m a part of, there isn’t much going on. I’ll keep it up at least through season three, which I’ve got on the board for 2018, and after that I’ll take a look at the viability of keeping the ESPL going beyond that. If you like the league, want to help, are interested in getting involved in any way, or whatever, send that feedback in. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

In the vein of the ESPL, I’m announcing the launch in 2017 of SpecterFights, my version of the MMA. The weight classes will have a “digital twist,” the fighters will have “hex” limited naming schemes, and the league will be for me to exercise my design muscles with “fight posters.” I hinted at this before and 2017 is the year this is coming out. Some may roll their eyes, but even though this will start out in a similar fashion to the ESPL, I’m aiming at a specific presentation type for this one… stay tuned for more coming on SpecterFights.

Along with the Greatest Show, I am going to start podcasting with the Specter Show title. I’m starting before Spring 2017 with a weekly, 30 minute, pre-produced podcast… audio only, but I may move to video in the future. I’ll talk about a single topic in the 30 minute format and I’m trying to make that topic “timeless,” by which I mean that I won’t be making it “time sensitive” like the news would be (for example). I’m interested in hosting others in shows but if I’m not leading the way with my own solo production, then I can’t really ask others to try the same. It would be nice to have a Bob, Metal Jesus, or Soft Rock Messiah solo podcast to add but I understand they’re all as busy as I am.

If you didn’t know, we on the Greatest Show will be playing an RPG. It’ll be the Chronicles of Darkness Storyteller system and we’ll be bringing it to you at least an episode per month, though we’re currently planning to integrate the RPG into almost every episode. I’ve mentioned the “BS, hour or two of play, BS/wrap up” format and I think that is how we’ll start. The next episode of the Greatest Show (as I write this) will be the first one with the attempt at the new format. I need to scratch my RPG itch and if we can get this actual play rolling, maybe we replace a Greatest Show with an RPG-cast once or twice a month.

Lastly, I’ll talk about my writing… the writing that I keep trying to jumpstart and never really get anything rolling. I’m going to do something that will get my fingers onto a keyboard or I’ll call it quits on the idea factory. I am going to do a write up of the entire idea web in my head, detailing how everything fits together and how things will play out… that will be set to release at an “as yet undetermined date” for scheduled release on this website. If I cannot get anything substantial (a good foundation written, for example) by that date, the idea goes to the Internet and then there’s no point in writing it… because it’ll be out there in the world for all to read.

I want to do this because I want to write. Bob and I talked about some ideas on the Greatest Show 104 and that really got me amped to do something about it. I wrote this and the previous column first because I want to build up a log of a few columns so I can focus all my attention on the fiction. If I don’t get things moving, it’ll never happen. I managed to get a whopping 5,000 words written for NaNoWriMo and that was only in a single sitting. I had 30 days to write and I wrote once. That makes me sad.

I’ll bank a couple more columns and then probably announce the “deadline” column for the ideas. I will have specific dates set up for the Specter Show launch, the SpecterFights launch, the return of SpecterFit, the long term plan for the ESPL, and I’ll stop being vague. While I didn’t specifically mention the bullet journal in this one, everything I talked about is in it. Hopefully, things actually start developing because of that journal.

Think on it.

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