Emerald Specter 28: So… I missed a week

Yeah, yeah, yeah… we can all see that my streak ended in the month of December, just when I thought I’d gotten enough columns written to weather the storm of my workplace, I failed to put one out this past week… and now THIS column isn’t even coming out on the right day…


This is a hectic time of year, obviously, and I’ve been giving a lot of thought to things recently and I’m trying to come up with a plan to work around the issues I have getting to do stuff on this website. For example, I started a bullet journal specifically to help me jump start this website and, you guessed it, I also haven’t touched that one hardly since creating it. I’m going to be making a “life in general” bullet journal, because I really do like the idea, but including the rest of life I can get to it daily rather than the “once in a while” that the website one really was… I need consistency.

The next Emerald Specter column will be coming in 2017. I’m not going to try to make up for my lack of consistency, and since there is only a “two week” issue at present, I’m just going to put this one out and start writing for 2017. Mondays will be Emerald Specter days and I really want to work towards something in 2017.

That leads me to the next wonderful bit of stuff: changing my image. This is me, personally, really, but also the website. No, I do not mean I’m going to change the theme of the website. I mean that I’m going to be changing the way things work around here. I’m actually going to be scheduling things and with any luck, I will be able to have thing rolling in the correct direction.

The ESPL season is about to kick off and I am only a few weeks ahead rather than most of the season done, as I’d like to be… My free time this time of year always makes me evaluate what I really want to do and while I really want to do the ESPL, I’ve had the itch to stop it already. If I can just get through the holidays I’ll be fine but I’m wondering if the ESPL will be lasting past season 3. Help on that front would be nice but I started that things without any expectations of help and we’ll see if that remains the same.

I’ve already backed off the SpecterFights thing with virtual fighting… I can do our Greatest Show Fight Series events as posters, which would fill the gap I’m looking to fill with the SpecterFights… but nothing has been decided as far as a change, though, because this time of year always sends me false signals. Free time doesn’t exist in the month of December.

The Specter Show will be happening… I don’t know if I’m going to do topics, just rant and rave, discuss the website and life, or make it a travel show… but I’m doing the show. I won’t be starting immediately but you’ll all have episode 1 before January ends. I’d like to have at least 2 episodes out by the end of January, so there’s that goal. I’ll be distributing the audio as a podcast through iTunes, too, so we won’t exist solely on YouTube (though that is probably the “live, raw feed” show storage facility until I can pull it off the Internet to edit it). Also, there probably won’t be video to the raw show.

Well, I’ve said enough for now. Enjoy Christmas and we’ll see you in the New Year.

Think on it.

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