Emerald Specter 29: Starting a New Year

We have passed the midnight hour and finally killed 2016 dead. The previous year is gone and we can finally start looking forward instead of looking backward at the Year of Hell. I’m normally not one to complain about a year being terrible or good but 2016 was the worst year I can remember. We have a Cheetoh elected as President, we lost a lot of good talent as far as celebrities, and there wasn’t much good going on in my personal life, either, until the very end… so, we start this year off right with a column ON TIME and a new outlook for 2017. This is:

Last year, I started a bullet journal for this website specifically. Guess how long that lasted? A whopping five days… on top of having the “Christmas volumes” of stuff at work, I didn’t need to be making daily entries for the website, so bullet journalling didn’t really ever get into gear. So, with a new year and some clearance shopping done at a local crafting place, I am going to bullet journal life in general. I need some help getting things in a rhythm, doing everything that needs to be done, and getting my habits working in the right direction. This will be for life and this website, so that I can work towards making this website what I hope it can be, too.

Now that we’re into 2017 proper, the ESPL is just around the corner and that means steady Tuesday posting for the entirety of the year. I was going to add the SpecterFights thing into the mix this year but with our recently “upscaling” of the Greatest Show Fight Series events I’m simming for episodes of the show using UFC 2, I am content for the moment to have just these two things progressing. I’ve decided to have an “event a month” for each of the hosts and I’m interested in knowing if there are any listeners/viewers that want in on that action, too? Yes, I’m offering to make a character of YOU to compete with us… and we will be letting some “real fighters” start bleeding in so that I don’t have to create all of the fighters from scratch AND we can interact with the best of the best from the actual UFC. Sounds fun, right?

There is also something I’d like to talk about, personally. In 16 days, I’ll be 41 years old. The age thing is starting to sink in with me as I’m starting to have the physical problems that I used to see other “old people” get as they got older. I’m stiff in the morning, my knees tend to creak or ache at various times during a day, my back can’t quite lift or be as useful as it once was, and mentally I’m noticing that some of the things I loved to do back in the day (which we all know means I’m talking about a Wednesday) I don’t enjoy doing anymore. There was a time, for instance, where you could have sat me down with Excel and I could spend all day coding some awesome spreadsheet that wouldn’t be for anything more than just “fun” stuff. I sat down yesterday and started to correct some of the coding I made for SpecterFights spreadsheets and I just didn’t get very far into the process… there were other things I wanted to get done.


The reason I bring all that up is to say that things may be shifting in the near future (2018, 2019, and so on) to reflect my lack of extensive free time and my changing tastes. I still want to keep on with some of the things going that I used to do. There are a lot of things I keep thinking I want to go back to but with nostalgia a sad, rose-colored incorrect memory, I just would like to start looking forward.

I’m going to start talking about Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, because I play it. I’m going to start getting back into Ingress, because it’s been a while and I’d like to get out more. I’m going to start  talking more about fitness because I need to get my ass off the couch and get working out again (which is also tied to Ingress). I’m going to start talking more about the UFC, since I’m watching more of the events than I ever have and I want to see what talent I might be missing. I want to start talking more about writing, my own writing, and I want to start also doing the writing I’ve been talking about doing for the last decade (It’s time to put up or shut up on that one).

That last part needs a little bit of fleshing out. I’ve said in the past that I’ve considered putting up the full plot of the entirety of my ideas online on a prescheduled post to go out to the world unless I write something (a % amount), allowing me to remove that post (or better yet, postpone it’s release). I’m going to plot out my first effort and start writing the damn thing. I’ll schedule a little aside time for writing on my days off and we’ll see how that works out before getting too deep into the process.

So… I’ve got a good outlook for 2017, I am looking forward to getting things going, and I am definitely looking at getting more out of life than sitting in front of a TV as often as I do. I want to get out, I want to do a bit of traveling, and I’d also like to put a schedule up of what’s coming and when so you can all see what is coming and when… wouldn’t that be nice to have enough foresight to be able to HAVE a schedule? I think so.

The last thing I want to say is that the Specter Show is happening this year. I am planning on recording an episode next Sunday and I may do the recording with my new iPhone 7+ instead of my computer sitting behind my computer. The sound quality will be a little lower but the phone means I’d be out and about, moving around. No promises on the device, but I will record an episode.

Think on it and enjoy 2017!

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