Emerald Specter 31: Getting Your Act Together

I have gotten my bullet journal running for life in general and as I write these words, I’ve only been using it for the last seven days but I’m already seeing results. I’m not here to talk specifically about the bullet journal but I will be making reference to it throughout this column. This particular topic is about getting things together and what I’m working on (as I write this) today.

Part of my bullet journal, which I switched from a “website specific” journal to a “life in general” journal, is having a schedule of things that need to be done everyday. I utilize the ChronoDex that was invented at the linked website (mainly because I enjoy “coloring in accomplishments”), as well as a “this is what needs to be done today.” Something on the list today is “Outline Website Schedule.”

Yeah, I’m going to be working on a schedule.

I do not check my bullet journal’s schedule of what to get done every morning. I check it at night and when I set up the month of January, I prepopulated certain things for certain days. On days I work, for example, I have only the basics… because despite how much I want a super steady schedule, work likes to toss things into the fan from time to time. Then, on days off, I have other things that happen (for example, once a week or once every other week is a “go to Excalibur Comics,” which is where I have a pull list that has just enough on it to need to pick up multiple times a month). Basically, I know that if I have a day off (a rotating weekly day off plus Sundays), then I may want to check things to ensure I’m covering as much of what is on my list as possible. If I’m working, it’s basically the same couple of items because I can’t rely on having time for extra stuff… yet.

I say all that to say that because of this, I am getting things done. My house is getting kept cleaner because I’m involved in the helping of it (because I have added that to my lists). I also have a “habit tracker,” which means I get another reason to color in things and that encourages me to complete things more often. I’m a little geeky that way.

Now, shut up already about the bullet journal, right? Shoosh.

When I stated above that I’ll be outlining the website schedule, that will be for the entirety of 2017. I want to be able to schedule Greatest Show weeks off, schedule column releases, schedule project releases, and so on. You should be able to look at the schedule page and see that this week is a Greatest Show episode and maybe next week will be an off week. Will there be things that cause emergency scheduling changes? Perhaps, but those should be the except instead of the rule.

Speaking of the Greatest Show, my original hope was to have a weekly show that would produce 52 episodes a year, and with our added “Greatest Show Fight Series” episodes as well as other special episodes on the horizon, we’d get maybe 60-ish episodes out per year to catch up to where we should actually be right now. We should be around 195 or so instead of 109 (which is the next episode as I write this). When I came up with the concept of this schedule, and seeing how often we have to ditch the show, I see that we need to have weeks off for holidays, special events, and the like… in fact, unless there is something that gets dropped in our lap, we should be able to go to the schedule and see whether or not we planned this weekend off or not. It would also be nice for our viewers to see that, too.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

Some holidays will be obvious “no show” weekends… July 4, Halloween, Christmas… others we may want to have off (birthdays, anniversaries, working that day, etc). If we can get a Greatest Show schedule going, I may even try adding tentative topics to that list so you can even plan to watch specific episodes!

There will be so much more on the website schedule, though. Like columns… not just this one, which I have been concentrating solely on until it is the highest numbered column I write, but columns in general. Those will also have weeks off, which won’t necessarily coincide with holidays and whatnot, but may be the result of taking a holiday or event day off and not writing. So, maybe I don’t write on July 4, but you won’t see the week skipped until August, for example. I want to be able to have shows and columns on this schedule, but not just those things…

The ESPL? Yep. Speaking of which, I may not be continuing this past 2018, but I’ve committed to doing a third season and I’m going to do that third season, which will take place in 2018. After that, I have to evaluate whether or not I want to continue this effort or make room for other things. If you’re reading this and you’re interested in jumping in on, or taking over, the ESPL, I’ll entertain anyone’s interest in the league. I’m even willing to continue making the logos and such, as that is really the reason I started the league in the first place.

Earlier in this column, I alluded to “other projects.” Well, part of my bullet journal was working in writing the fiction I’ve wanted to start writing for years. I’ve begun the writing, and I’ll be writing on that later today, too, so I can get through the first draft and get to writing a second draft (as well as editing) and figuring out a release schedule. If I can get that writing going on a regular basis, maybe I can get audio made of the novels and maybe even get multiple projects coming out a year… I can be the written fiction version of HBO! Let’s not get too ahead of myself, now.

Well, now I have filled out this column to my 1,000 word minimum, I’m going to go ahead and leave you with the knowledge that the very next thing I do is begin outlining the schedule. With luck, it’ll be up no later than February!

Think on it.

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