Emerald Specter 36: I Can’t Argue With Results

Shut the front door! Another column? What? Man, someone is on a roll… and that isn’t all I’m on a roll doing. Read on, be amazed, and I’ll be talking about how I achieved all this awesome.

Before I get too deep into this column, unless the ESPL question asked a column or two ago is overwhelming, I do not believe the ESPL will exist for a third season. I’ll finish the simulation for the whole season, releasing the final results in a post well before the final week would have debuted. Again, I’ve gotten no information as I write this yet, and I’m actually anticipating not having any feedback on the issue at all. It was, after all, just a side project, so it isn’t a complete loss.

By now, you should have gotten episodes 1 & 2 of the Specter Show. Yes, I did say the first episode would be released in January but a snafu on my end caused a delay. I recorded the second episode about two hours before I wrote this and I’m felling good about getting things moving in the right direction.

So, let’s tally all this up: I’m writing columns on a regular basis and I’m releasing the Specter Show on a schedule… add that to the Greatest Show being continued through a weekly (mostly) release, I think that things are starting to finally get going in a positive direction.

What makes this all possible? Bullet journal!

Yeah, you knew that was coming.

I have a schedule in that book and I’m trying to complete as much as I can in that journal on a daily basis. I’m dialing back how much I scheduled per day because I now understand there is a very definitive limit to how much I can realistically do, so that I can schedule appropriately and accomplish things rather than put the little notation next to my items that say incomplete or migrated.

One might believe that you will all be rolling your eyes, but I’m getting life on track. I’m accomplishing things on my list, I’m developing the website and getting things done around the house. I’d even go so far as to say that my wife would tell you that things have improved dramatically, too. The one thing I need to get better at is keeping up with the bullet journal daily maintenance (my coloring in of things that are done, how I spent my day, and getting a preview of tomorrow). Once I get that on track, things will really get better.

I have mentioned game-ifying the bullet journal… and haven’t done anything to work on that at all, but I do have some ideas on some of the basics. One thing I need to do is determine what kinds of things you can earn points for, allowing for a basic background story to be available to explore, as well as just earning points to buy things and characters. This game-ification might even get people who aren’t good storytellers get better at telling stories.

If you write up your daily activities, you get points. If you can accomplish at least one thing on your daily list, you get points… if you accomplish them all, you get more points. If you plan out and make improvements in how you journal, you get more points… and all these points will allow you to unlock things along the way. If you aren’t good at coming up with things to fill in with this game, I can give you what I’ll be using, but nothing is written down yet. I am going to be adding a list or two of things that I need to create this bullet journal game and as I develop my own life, the game will develop in my book. A side project within a side project that has turned out to be a very important part of the process.

What types of things am I going to be keeping track of in the bullet journal starting in February? Well, Bob (my first co-host on the Greatest Show) is keeping track of his daily weight, the weather for the day, and making little notes about things that happened during the day. I will be including all of those, as well as keeping analog track of my steps/miles walked each day and be figuring out what else I need to be able to look up for the future. What about keeping track of how long it took me to do my actual route each day I work? I’m also going to grab log in and log off times, just to be able to see if there is a pattern in how long or when I work.

Do you want video of what I’m doing in my journal? Do you want pointers on how your journal should be used for your own improvement? Do you want me to work on the game within the journal to give you more reason to start getting your own bullet journal started? Why wait on me? You can do this, too.

I haven’t talked much about my bullet journalling in the Specter Show and I don’t really think I want cross pollination of topics between this column and that show. I could literally just read the column and release the show like that, too, but then I’m taking away another outlet to do something interesting with the audio podcast. I’ve also been asked if I’m going to turn the Specter Show into a video podcast, a la the Greatest Show, and at present I have to plans to do that… but I won’t eliminate the possibility entirely. That would be a “way out in the future” situation.

Well, once again, the time has come to bring a column to an end. Once again I’ve referenced a great deal of my bullet journalling because that has helped me accomplish things. I won’t only talk about it, but you won’t stop hearing about it completely. The better I get, the more I support the idea of using it.

Think on it.

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