Did I just use a color image, an OLD color image, on the new formatted website? Yes, I’m in a mood, I’m ready to rock, and I’m ready to write about things finally coming together. Boom. Read on.

In the 37th outing of this column I am drudging back up the color images, the polished looking ones, from the website of yesteryear… why? Well, some things have come together today and I wanted to throw some color up on this page for a little bit of a different spice up.

I got the Specter Show feed issues fixed!

By the time you read this, you’ll probably be looking at that with an eyebrow raised and wondering “you were having issues?” Yeah, I was, but after extensive investigations on what needed to be fixed to get things working the way they were supposed to be working, I believe (fingers crossed) that you’re about 5 episodes into the show and I’m happily recording more.

Like this column, though, I keep going back to the well on topics and I really haven’t decided on what I want to really put out there. This website used to be all about creativity and self improvement and I’ve gone away from all of that and have been slowly, barely, getting back into the self improvement as I’m having serious issues getting the creativity to be consistently created. Sure, podcasting is being creative, but I want to theme things instead of having the “Greatest Show, a show about random conversations,” the “Specter Show, a show about random topics,” the “Emerald Specter column, a column about random topics” and start getting things into a “when you read or listen to this, this is what to expect.”

It is a lot harder than you think it might be.

I’ve recently met another podcaster at work, and he’s got three or four (or five or six) audio podcasts he’s a part of (tangent: I also used to do five or six podcasts at once) and he’s got a theme for each one of them. A lot of them are movie based, with a show about a short running cartoon show spinoff of Back to the Future, but you know what you’re getting right out of the gate. I can’t even commit to a single theme, like “movies” or “pop culture.” Self improvement seems to be a very good thing to concentrate on but I’m only barely getting myself squared away again and don’t feel confident telling others how to get better… period.

When I was lifting weights, when I was writing, when I was podcasting… I was doing things and I was confident about them. The old “Website Official Podcast” was a random conversation/interview of someone interesting I knew, but that ended up not running as far as I thought it should… and I would do that again but I don’t want to rely on the free time of others to get something like that back up on it’s feet. Would I consider another show for that? Sure, but not the Specter Show.

I’ve got some physical ailments at the moment that prevent me from lifting weights again, but my job is physically active and I’ve been losing weight doing it… 30 or so pounds as I write this. I’m not eating as clean as I used to (which is to say barely at all), so healthy eating used to be a topic I can’t preach about actively, either. The bullet journaling is going off like gangbusters, but I’m afraid if I drill into that too often that I’ll drive away the casual reader and/or listener.

So I’ve become someone afraid to pull the trigger.

I’ve recently gotten back into logo design. My wife, and a local friend, are both looking to “brand” themselves and I’ve gotten fairly proud of my abilities. My wife’s logo is complete for Made by Tricia.com, which you should absolutely visit. Is she using it as of this post? Time will tell, but if she gives me the ok, I’ll link it here, too… the other local friend hasn’t visited me as of this writing but she is going to be swinging in for one. Here’s an opportunity to make money from a hobby, which would be lovely.

In the past, I’ve designed some of my own logos that I feel are stellar and would love to have made them FOR someone to use in a professional sense for an actual profit. The old website logo, which I am still not talking about, had a simple design that I initially didn’t start with… for the first three or four years of the site, I changed the logo four or five times… until I came up with the one that was simple, elegant, and was used until the site almost died (I did make one change but missed the long term looking one). The Emerald Specter logo, seen here:

I made this one in the “simple and elegant” manner I made the other site’s… but I had a “glassy look” to this logo before going this flat and simple look. The logo was jazzed up a bit like this:

The logo is the same, except I removed all the unnecessary “glitz” and just went simple. The one pane of color is supposed to signify my advancement forward, rather than relying on the glossy look. I’ve been designing logos in my head without the glitz lately, so I hope I get to put that into practice. If you want to see more logos I’ve designed, you can visit the ESPL (which will be summarized in a single, long “this was the rest of the season 2” post, soon). I made those logos and for a lot of them, I did them from scratch. Some have elements of clip art, but the clip art really fit the situation. I was getting ready to redo other logos like I did the Wordsmiths but that may not be happening anymore, though I’d still love to do it.

All in all, if I can feel confident about what I’m doing, I will feel confident helping others improve. Will I really be a self improvement guy? Seems like life is pointing me in that direction… for now.

Think on it.

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