Emerald Specter 38: A New Age

I’ve put this out in every format I can except this column and, surprise, the column will be talking about the new era of Emerald Specter.com… that’s the geek makeover we’re going through and I want to talk a little more about why I’m doing what we’re doing.

I say “we,” and that is because I’m not doing this alone. Bob, Metal Jesus, Kevin Couick (whom I’m now calling Mystery like his UFC character), my wonderful wife Tricia, and anyone else that wants to help my efforts.

This website, and the previous incarnation (which I keep avoid revealing, though it no longer matters) LimeFlavored.com, I’ve not really had a direction or a purpose. The websites have both really been “for my entertainment,” believing that the things I’m entertained by would be entertaining to others, too. That belief has carried me to a certain point where I believed that the time would be coming… just the edge of the “breakthrough” that I believed would come… and that never happened.

Something else happened, though.

I attended Wizard World Portland, my second year since moving here, and I attended all three days of the con because I could. The first day was the “see what happens on Friday night” day, where my wife and I sort of checked out who was there, what was there, and meet anyone we might be able to meet that wouldn’t be able to meet later in the weekend. There wasn’t more than a few “we shouldn’t buy these things, but here’s some money” impulse spending and I guess I got some things I was happy with. Day two, the Saturday, was the day I intended to earmark for taking pictures of cosplayers… and that was really the first change. The second change was what I did on Sunday, which I decided was “buy third party, or independent creator books” day.

On the cosplay issue, I’d taken lots of pictures and several of the people I snapped pics of were talking about had Instagram accounts they’d mentioned wanting tagged. Well, I didn’t have an Instagram account then, and I offered tagging on Twitter or just posted those on Facebook. After the con weekend, I got an Instagram, posted all of the pics I got (well, 95% of them) posted on Instagram and the tags were attached to a few (because I’m still learning how to do that). The response I got was phenomenal… and that poked my interest.

The independent and small press creators purchases I made were the rest of the push I needed to look at what I was doing and evaluate what I wanted to do.

We have had geeky topics on the Greatest Show in the past but we’ve strayed away from that, heavily in some cases, in more recent times. I’m a geek. I like comics, superheroes, science fiction, movies, TV shows, books, and all kinds of geeky things. Metal Jesus likes RPGs, books, science fiction, and all kinds of geeky other things. Bob is as geeky as both of us, Kevin “Mystery” Couick, too. Tricia has a level of geeky as well. Why weren’t we pushing for a deeper level of displaying this?

I made the decision after Greatest Show 117: Wizard World Portland that we were going to be going “full geek” on EmeraldSpecter.com. I put out the idea of each of us doing solo shows and getting together for the Greatest Show for a geek rundown for the week, month, or whatever. The first edition of the Greatest Show displaying this was Greatest Show 118: Full Frontal Geekery, where we were expecting a Bob but only had Mystery, Tricia, and myself as hosts. We did center around geeky topics but showed a little more “getting together,” which I think will center the geek that will be pouring out of the website.

I’ve been doing the Specter Show for a month, now, and I’ve recorded and set up the fifth episode as I write this. You should be getting episode six later this week, and while I was heading in the “self improvement” direction, I’m also splitting that with self-improvement with my geek, which is being developed with my development of the BuJoRPG for bullet journaling. I’ll be getting my fit on again (SpecterFit will return!), I’ll be doing a little more with the comic book angle (I collect a few, a read a lot more), and I’m going to be trying to add the Specter Show to the Greatest Show family of podcasts… Mystery will be doing one, he’s figuring out the details, and I’m already working on a little bit of a podcasting series that will involve everyone, and of course we’ll tie that all in to the Greatest Show.

I want to have columns, fiction of those who want to participate, podcasts covering as many subjects as possible, and we’ll do it all with a dedication to including as much geekery we can. We can all be happy that Emerald Specter will be moving in a specific direction rather than a completely vague one.

Now, the important things that need to be done should be gotten started. I have more columns to write, more BuJoRPG to work out, a bullet journal to catch up on, podcasts to record, fiction to write, and planning to get done… because one of the things on top of that list will be getting an actual schedule posting of what is to come. I hate telling you that something will be getting done and then not getting it done. That isn’t fair to you, the consumer, and isn’t fair that I try to get things done and don’t have a clear direction to head in to accomplish those things.

Besides, don’t you want to count on who will be on the show every week (the Greatest Show)? Yeah, I would to, because guessing before we go live every week is frustrating, at the least. I understand things come up, but we should really be able to give more than take away.

Think on it.

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