Emerald Specter 40: Things I’ve Learned

If you came to this column expecting to hear about some great list of things that has made me some grand and important person, then you haven’t been reading this column in the past. I am “great and important” in training, so I’m still learning.

This is about what I’ve discovered about my bullet journalling, the BuJoRPG experiment, and what comes next. Don’t roll your eyes, if you didn’t like hearing about it you wouldn’t keep coming back for more… plus, once this thing is ready to be released into the wild, you’ll thank me.

First and foremost, journalling at night seems to be more difficult than necessary. I have toyed with the idea of journaling in the morning when I get up and I think I’m going to try to run with that for about a week to try it out. That would be THIS week, so as you read this I’ve hopefully done the morning journalling once. I write this as I’ve missed the last two days, so the morning journalling will be for the prior day and not the present. Why? How do I know what will happen during the day if I’m starting it out by journalling? Exactly.

Some of the things I’ve specifically learned about my XP experiments is that I have too many things that give me XP. These things should give me XP, but what I’m saying is that the XP they give should be less of a “daily accumulation” and more of a “quest” or “special event” style of XP. Larger but happening far less often. I need to space out the XP plateaus for the levels a little more and add a few more levels so there are an even number of realistically established levels (with benefits). This means the BuJoRPG for March needs to stop in its current form and start a revamping so that I can start the HP experimental portion of this (including the loss of all HP consequences and how many HP one has at each level and/or month).

I’m hoping that you’re still reading and liking what you’re hearing.

Part of what I’m doing today is cleaning the house and taking short “breaks” to accomplish things I need to accomplish before I go to bed. I recorded the latest Specter Show, then I cleaned. I am writing this column, then I’ll clean. I’m going to bullet journal (to catch up and reformat a few things), then I’ll clean. My wife uses a similar process when I’m at work and she’s cleaning (15 minutes of cleaning, 15 minutes of not cleaning)… which usually happens in 30 minute increments (so one can watch a little TV). I’d like to write some of what I talked about on the Specter Show (no spoilers, you can wait until Thursday), but I think I’ll be done cleaning before I get to that point.

The thing with this bullet journalling, I really need to be going to specific goals. “Be a better human being” is a nice sentiment but that isn’t a definitive goal. What point would the achievement be completed to do something else as a goal? The goal is just vague and there needs to be more definition. Things need to be refined, and this is why I haven’t just launched my RPG to the world without fixing all of the “surface issues.”

There are levels to what I’m building. First, and at the most basic level, is the “daily goals.” Without using my specific dailies, I’m talking about your brushing, flossing, making your bed, picking up your clothes, and making sure the trash is out. Second comes the “advancement requirements,” things that need to be done in order to level up (like, for example, shaving, making sure you fill the car with gas, getting the groceries bought, and vacuuming)… which should ideally be done weekly, but if they are level requirements they can be both weekly or as part of a subset of “advancement requirements” that might only happen once but also weekly. Third, there are the “quest” goals (something that is a monthly thing, or a big deal… like buying that birthday present, picking up furniture that you bought, or going on the vacation to your high school reunion). These are the three basic levels to the XP and making goals achievable and well defined.

I’m also a designer, and I’ve been working on the “design layout” of the BuJoRPG that will reflect the “martial arts” theme that I’ve been building. After the BuJoRPG is ready for release, I’ll also strip that down to be a basic framework that I can then release “skins” to put over it. The RPG is to be a fun way to achieve your personal goals AND be a game to play. Journalling should be fun, something you look forward to doing, and you’ll be accomplishing things while you’re having fun. Why am I still selling this to you? You should be overjoyed to jump on board.

Do I need to release what kind of journal I’m using (the most common one)? Do I need to release information about the basics of bullet journalling? Do you need something else that I haven’t mentioned? Let me know! the email address is emeraldspecter.com ~AT~ gmail.com, and I wrote it like that to prevent bots from automatically mailing me.

You also get more contact information on the Specter Show, so that is a good reason you should be listening. I do mention the BuJoRPG on there but future episodes will stray from that as I focus on the BuJoRPG more here in this column because I don’t want to write something, talk about something, and have those things just be carbon copies of each other.

The SpecterFit column will be making a return in the near future, I’m guessing it’ll be sometime in May or June when I get it running again… by then, I’ll be more solid in my routine and be able to talk about bringing myself back out of my slump and getting back to fitness.

Think on it.

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