Emerald Specter 8: Updates!


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of ALL ages! I think it’s high time for an update up in this mother… don’t you?

First and foremost, I know that everyone is looking for the Greatest Show. We have been accused of “pod fading” but that is not the case. Bob and I have not been able to sync up schedules to find the time to podcast, so we are in a holding pattern until something changes. The skinny of the situation is that Bob works Sunday nights now and my schedule is too volatile at the moment to be able to make long term plans, so we are trying but failing at meeting in the middle. We will continue to try but let me be clear: we WILL be back on the air in the near future because we are in need of podcasting with each other again.

That being said, let me tell you about the other things that are going on in the background that make this place look like a freaking ghost town.

If you are wondering why I would post the teams and league logos of the Emerald Specter Premier League and then do NOTHING about that after the fact… wonder no more! I’m actively setting up the league schedule, getting the rosters finalized, and running a final series of tests on the simulator that I’m going to be using to run the league. Know that ACTIVE WORK is being done in the background, albeit in small chunks, to prepare the ESPL for play beginning in January. Rosters and scheduling will be announced before then, so you’ll all have an idea where things will be going. Between updating you regularly and just going forward and getting things ready to launch without updating you all, I chose to get things ready… seems like it gets dragged out, yes, but at least I’m moving towards the end result of launching the ESPL.

I also wanted to touch on the “About Me” section of this website. When I filled it out, I kept talking about all this fiction I was going to be writing… well, the good news is that I’m writing fiction… the bad news is that I have a slow start and I had to finalize my entries for the Top Cow Productions script for my hopeful career change into comic book writing. Alright, maybe not a “career change,” but at least I’m trying to get into the industry.

The fiction I’m about ready to start launching on the site, though, is serialized fiction. I plan on just releasing chunks of stories on the site in the very near future, starting with a single series and branching out from there. My biggest crutch in the past has been the need to map every single detail out and that is holding me back from actually WRITING the damn stories. So, rather than micromanage every little aspect, I’d rather just write and see where I can go with my ideas.

In May, I started writing “snippets” or “synopsis” bits of story ideas that would help the creative juices get flowing. Well, 165 days later I’m still updating one of those ongoing ideas and I’m ready to start putting that stuff up on the website. Not the synopsis chunks, the actual stories that tell the tales of what I’m writing these little snippets about… so I can actually start posting fully fleshed out stories.

Nice idea, right?

My biggest problem has been the all consuming need to “keep the streak alive” by doing the small snippets instead of just writing the stories… once again, needing to know the bits and pieces in detail before starting anything. Screw that, I’m just going to start writing.

This Wednesday I’ll be finishing up my Top Cow script and starting to write the fiction for this site. Several of the ideas I’m going to be writing are listed below:

  1. Time travel, my take on an “American Doctor Who”
  2. People with powers, Jedi-esq, that have appeared suddenly in the world
  3. Vampire society as seen from the “big three perspectives” of street level, city level, and world level
  4. Space… combat, spaceships, and drama among the stars
  5. A solo mission in space and one man’s discovery of where we fit in the universe
  6. A post apocalyptic story that will keep you guessing as to what is going on
  7. The “fleshing out” of the back story of my own comic book universe
  8. My own take on the “high school football story”
  9. One of my RPG game ideas finally just brought out as full fiction instead of a game
  10. Werewolves!
  11. Zombie story… Walking Dead like, where you center on a single character to follow
  12. and more!

There will be more coming but these are the ideas I’m tossing around starting with. If you’d like to suggest one of them to start with, you can email me at emeraldspecter.com@gmail.com and let me know… I’ll listen to suggestions, but move forward with what I believe will be the strongest (and longest lasting) story idea first.

Well, there’s your update. I’ll do what else I can when I can do it but I’m guessing you’d rather have progress than 75 updates stating “I’m almost there.”

One last thing… the website is pretty but I’m already toying with replacing it. I didn’t realize how constrictive the design is with navigating and I’d like to open it back up. Just a thought.

Think on it.

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