Emerald Specter Actual Play

Welcome to the newest feed on Emerald Specter.com. This will house the actual play podcasting that has previously been done (two iterations under the old website) and any future additions from there.

We’re going to start off with the first actual play podcast on the Internet: Legacy: Shadows of Blood.

This game was played shortly after Vampire: The Requiem was released and the hosts of the Podcast Of Darkness (now defunct and ill working, but still online) Robert, Aaron, and myself played an entire one shot chronicle. With audio issues cut to a minimum (some I just can’t fix) and the inane rantings at the beginnings removed, I present the freshly recut episodes over the course of 21 weeks (because there are 21 episodes) for your listening pleasure.

After Legacy wraps up, the next podcast actual play that will be re-released will be Dark Green: The Blackwood Chronicles.

This 22 episode run is the complete “first part” of what was intended to be an ongoing chronicle. After the 22nd episode, 3 players departed (I had replaced them) and then the last one left, taking with them 2 of the new players I’d recruited, leaving me to essentially start a new chronicle that never really materialized.

Once Dark Green wraps after the 22nd episode, there will be more actual plays released as they become available (I am prepping to run another Vampire chronicle, this time Masquerade for YouTube) in the near future. Those episodes, in audio form, would appear on this feed after Dark Green.

The first episode drops tomorrow and will release unbroken until I run out of shows… then the new ones need to come.

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