Name: Abigail Cain
Alias(es): None Known
Faction: Camarilla
Position: Prince
Clan: Tremere
Age: Unknown
Generation: Unknown
Sire: Unknown

Fierce and determined, Abigail is not a Prince because she thought she was owed the position, she is Prince because she took the position through force. The focus that Abigail has in her unlife is laser like, keying in on the exact goals that she has set for herself.

Embraced when the Camarilla was strong, Abigail was brought into the night to fulfill the requirements of rooting out Tremere resistance members within the clan. The coterie that she was placed with became quite close and eventually they joined in Abigail’s singular vision for something more than just existing.

She eventually came to Portland, OR under the control of the Sabbat and she led the Camarilla to victory, retaking Portland… or so she thought. So many other factions took shots at her rule that when the dust settled, she decided to make the uneasy alliance with the other factions to keep the masquerade from being breached.

What her current goals are remain a mystery, but her actions certainly seem out of place for the quick rising Prince.

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