When the Anarchs swept into Portland, they were many with little armies of their own. Each of the Barons who came into the city fell largely under the powerful Flavia Decker, who had the largest of the armies and the best of the plans. When the dust settled, there was more territory taken than initially planned, though they were proud to have had enough strength to keep from losing anything to the Camarilla (EN).

While Flavia Decker is the unofficial “Baron of Barons,” she does control a large portion of the political power among the Anarchs in Portland. She is well connected with Anarchs across the US, though she has definitely carved out her own reputation. She controls the whole of Western Portland (Anarch controlled territory), as well as Parkrose and the airport (PDX).

Without an official hierarchy among the Barons, it is only assumed that Shamus O’Hara is in the second place among the barony. His strong control of the Montavilla area has given him power through gang control and the dregs of society. He maintains a stranglehold on the seedy underbelly of Portland, not just in his own area.

Jesus Lopez arose from the gangs of Shamus O’Hara to become his own Baron in control of Russellville (which is more of a living complex than an area of town). His ambitions are just to prove he can handle larger territories in the near future.

Lisa Khan joined the assault on Portland when her previous gig failed to pan out. As the new Baron of Foster-Powell, she controls a vast swath of South Eastern Portland and she is no stranger to using that to her advantage. Movement through her barony is strictly controlled.

Tara Grebelnik, Baron of Powellhurst; and Nestor Benning, Baron of Brooklyn / Woodstock, both came from underneath other Barons to rise from within the system, proving that the Anarchs are for those who want power and can actually attain that power. Both are proof that if you work correctly you can become all that you can be within the Anarchs.

Angel St. Vincent is Baron of Sellwood / Errol Heights and was in Portland before the Anarchs came to the city. She was incognito and providing information for a future Anarch raid, which just happened to occur when the conflicts within Portland erupted.

Fawn Decker IS Flavia’s biological sister, and is considered to have failed to earn her own barony. Those who know her best know that is not the case, as Milwaukie is not a small feat to conquer. Fawn has a separate presence from her sister entirely, though she doesn’t mind letting other underestimate her abilities.

Kelvin Green, the Baron of Harmony / Oak Grove, is a bit of an enigma as a Kindred in Portland. He lent his support for the Anarchs during the conflict, took over his own barony, and has his fingers in so many businesses that he might be the only serious competition for Flavia’s supremacy. He seems to be content where he is at, or at least that is the presence he projects.

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