The Camarilla are proud and strong, though in Portland they have been forced to take a step back. The Prince, Abigail Cain, has replenished their ranks in the upper tiers of power and she hopes to take back complete control over the city as a whole. While the general numbers of the Camarilla as a whole are not what they need to be, having a full compliment of leadership will help move that goal closer.

The Seneschal Finn O’Connor has been closely tied with Abigail Cain from the very beginning, as they were embraced together. He’s completely in line with the city Abigail wants Portland to be and he is more than capable of the manipulation to make what she wants happen.

Brujah Primogen Marco Ramirez has solidified as many of the Brujah to the Camarilla cause as he can muster but what he lacks in numbers his group makes up for in ferocity. Ramirez has been with the Prince since their first meeting, keeping himself near the center of power.

Lasombra Primogen Veronica Blanchard is new to the Camarilla, new to Portland, and new to the ways of Abigail Cain but she’s more than willing to do what she can to solidify the place of the Lasombra in the new Portland Camarilla structure.

Malkavian Primogen Quade is the wildcard among the Primogen, but has proven himself worthy of having a seat at the table.

Nosferatu Primogen Hammer is one of the few Nosferatu within Portland who has remained with the Camarilla. There was doubt in the beginning but Hammer has a strong coterie of allies that has stood up for the Camarilla in their time of need.

Toreador Primogen Natalia Chevdar was one of the Kindred who came to Portland to help the Camarilla fight their unwanted invaders. She has stayed at the behest of the Prince and decided she will be a valuable piece to the Camarilla puzzle.

Tremere Primogen Cassandra Cross has been with the Prince since the early nights, deciding very early that Abigail Cain was destined for greatness.

Ventrue Primogen Zair Nasri is where he’s at because someone “important” wants him there. Nasri has some very important interests on the west coast but he’s also there because he’s fulfilling a role that Abigail cannot refuse. He was one of the reinforcements sent to help and has remained for his unknown larger role.

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