The history of Portland, Oregon started when the city incorporated on February 8, 1851. Before that, the city was a stopover for travelers known as the Clearing. Wherever explorers went, so did the Kindred. As soon as humans came, the Gangrel took control of what would essentially be the entirety of Portland. Not the Camarilla, the Gangrel as a clan.

In firm control of the wilderness, the Gangrel ran their new domain with some strength through the major fire that ran through downtown, which led to the city being labeled the “filthiest city in the Northern States.” As conditions changed in Portland, so did desire to set up shop by the Camarilla and Sabbat sects. The conflict was short, though, as the Camarilla Gangrel convinced the powers in control to lend Portland to the Camarilla.

When Albina and East Portland were merged into Portland, the Camarilla officially became the controllers of the city.

The Camarilla Prince, Thaddeus Overton, moved to bring a World’s Fair to the city in 1905 to significantly improve the city as a whole. Things were smooth running until the hooks of the Sabbat started showing, which eventually led to instigating the West Coast Waterfront Strike that shut shipping down completely in 1934. While the Sabbat pushed hard to take control, the Camarilla won and opened up a new age of growth for Portland.

In the 1950s, the Sabbat tried a coup again, this time with success as they brought Thaddeus Overton to the Final Death. Archbishop Sasha St. Martin was now in charge and she started immediately trying to drive the city in the Sabbat direction.

Rallying with the independent Gangrel (freshly removed from the Camarilla as a whole), the Camarilla allied with them to overtake the Sabbat through sheer force of numbers. What resulted was a massive fracturing of that alliance, even though the majority of the Sabbat fled the country towards the Middle East.

After the turn of the century, as the Sabbat elders had all but left, the Camarilla was at war with anyone else who thought they could take Portland as their own. The Gangrel contingent, under solid leadership of “the General” Hawke Vannetta, had gained a strong foothold in the northwestern parts of the city, those with the most natural growth. The Ministry, or at least a branch of the old “Settites,” gained a strong foothold in southern portions of downtown Portland without seeming to want anything more. Anarchs came in, seeing their opportunity, and caused a revolution that gained them the largest portions of the city and their Kindred inhabitants.

In November of 2016 began a series of protests over the Presidency of the United States. Every day for three days, riots erupted in the streets while anarchists laid Portland’s downtown under siege. This was actually a cover for what was going on during the night.

Camarilla Primogen, believing their situation mostly secure, were caught unprepared for an Anarch attack that sent many Kindred into disarray. Camarilla war parties were wiped out in key areas, with Anarch war parties were wiped out in other. Even a Sabbat remnant creeped back in to claim a small portion of Portland. The confusion allowed the Giovanni a small foothold in Portland, and both the Gangrel and Ministry staved off attacks without engaging in offense. When the dust settled, every party involved suddenly arrived at the same place: a non-aggression pact was needed.

While the new Camarilla Prince Abigail Cain, General Hawke Vannetta, Director Malachi Ross (Sabbat leader), Vizier Samir Al Razi (Ministry), Don Duncan Dunsirn (Giovanni), and Baron Flavia Decker (Anarchs) gathered to determine what could be gained through avoiding open warfare, a strange side effect of the previous conflict occurred.

A large group of Nosferatu from every faction decided, seemingly at once, to form their own faction. Naming a leader (Architect), Stoneheart also joined the meeting, though more for listening than any such discussion.

The presence of the Society of Leopold and Second Inquisition have not been felt in these peaceful nights but no one is daft enough to believe that they are not watching the Kindred.

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