The power players, the information brokers, the business sector, and everyone just trying to make it through each night alive are among those that inhabit Portland. Below is a list of everyone that is in positions of powers, and some of the other Kindred that have come along in the night. This is not 100% of the inhabitants and there are some who won’t be identified due to story purposes (but eventually will appear).

Camarilla (EN)

  • Abigail Cain (Prince)
  • Finn O’Connor (Seneschal)
  • Marco Ramirez (Brujah Primogen)
  • Veronica Blanchard (Lasombra Primogen)
  • Quade (Malkavian Primogen)
  • Hammer (Nosferatu Primogen)
  • Natalia Chevdar (Toreador Primogen)
  • Cassandra Cross (Tremere Primogen)
  • Zair Nasri (Ventrue Primogen)
  • LosRiques Suarez (Sheriff)
  • Jackson Bennett (Scourge)


Sabbat / Estate (EN)

  • Malachi Ross (Director)
  • Alexandra Vanderbuilt (Assistant Director)


Anarchs (EN)

  • Flavia Decker (Baron of Parkrose / PDX / All of Western Portland)
  • Shamus O’Hara (Baron of Montavilla)
  • Jesus Lopez (Baron of Russellville)
  • Lisa Khan (Baron of Foster-Powell)
  • Tara Grebelnik (Baron of Powellhurst)
  • Nestor Benning (Baron of Brooklyn / Woodstock)
  • Angel St. Vincent (Baron of Sellwood / Errol Heights)
  • Fawn Decker (Baron of Milwaukie)
  • Kelvin Green (Baron of Harmony / Oak Grove)


Gangrel (EN)

  • Hawke Vannetta (General)
  • Axis (Lieutenant General)
  • Night Hood (Colonel)


Nosferatu (EN)

  • Stoneheart (Architect)


Giovanni (EN)

  • Duncan Dunsirn (Don)
  • Kenneth Milliner (Capo)
  • Archibald St. John (Capo)


Ministry (EN)

  • Samir Al Razi (Vizier)


Emissaries of the Night (EN)

  • Nox
  • John McCuewan
  • Cameron Locke


Unknown or Unaligned

  • Victor Castille (Expectations Owner, Kindred Cleaning Service)

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