As if spurred by the “writing on the wall,” the Gangrel separated themselves entirely from the Camarilla (EN) and claimed a large region of Portland proper for themselves. While the Kindred of Portland see the Gangrel territory as wholly their own, but the Gangrel actually share their control with the Garou. They don’t publicize that, though, as their alliance is uneasy at best.

Hawke Vannetta rose to prominence in the council that made the decision to separate from the Camarilla. His leadership was rewarded with the title General, which gave his authority more pull as he negotiated the peace with the lupines. He also used that title to organize more militaristic, giving an appearance of danger to other sects in Portland.

Axis, known by no other name, is the Lieutenant General and is one of Vannetta’s strongest supporters. Not much else is known about Axis other than her ferocity when crossed.

Night Hood is the chief Colonel in the Gangrel, was brought to Portland specifically for the conflict. His presence afterwards is a result of the necessity to maintain their control over North Western Portland. Night Hood is a mystery in identity only, his methods are definitely well known: effective.

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