The Giovanni, with agreements to the Camarilla and Sabbat, were to remain out of a controlling situation in any city. All of that is out the window when they’re invited in, though. The Giovanni of Portland were invited in, just after the conflict completed, and were given a small part of the city for their own. The authority for that has not entirely been made clear, though any interference with the Giovanni (as in to wrest control of their section) has resulted in the Final Death.

There is more going on and no one really understands the details. The family’s upper echelons don’t care, though, they have been given an opportunity.

Duncan Dunsirn was promoted to Don of Portland, giving him the opportunity to prove himself for bigger and better things in the future. His methods have proven effective and he has started doing what needs to be done to make Portland completely Giovanni: business ventures.

Kenneth Milliner and Archibald St. John were named Capos of Portland, basically provisionally charged with East and West of the river, though they do not physically control those areas. They have spawned an array of business ventures that have ended up being integral to the operation of Kindred affairs in Portland as a whole: banking, transportation, security, and one of the two “cleaning” operations that help protect the Masquerade.

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