The conflict in Portland wrought many odd changes, one of the strangest was the near complete detachment of the Nosferatu. While some have remained with their original sects, those few that chose not to join the Nosferatu as a clan walk quietly and keep out of the public eye. While some do venture to have their own activity within their sects, they also do not involve themselves in the affairs against their clan mates.

Stoneheart, the Architect of the shift out of their sects, is an information broker and is highly regarded throughout the entire world among the Nosferatu. His plans are always dangerous and well thought out, making him the right Kindred to do something like making the Nosferatu a major player on the world stage.

While Stoneheart is the leader, the exact membership is completely unsure and their exact intentions have not yet been fully released. Only Stoneheart knows the entire story.

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