Name: Abigail Cain Alias(es): None Known Faction: Camarilla Position: Prince Clan: Tremere Age: Unknown Generation: Unknown Sire: Unknown Fierce and determined, Abigail is not a Prince because she thought she was owed the position, she is Prince because she took the position through force. The focus that Abigail has inContinue Reading

When the Anarchs swept into Portland, they were many with little armies of their own. Each of the Barons who came into the city fell largely under the powerful Flavia Decker, who had the largest of the armies and the best of the plans. When the dust settled, there wasContinue Reading

The Camarilla are proud and strong, though in Portland they have been forced to take a step back. The Prince, Abigail Cain, has replenished their ranks in the upper tiers of power and she hopes to take back complete control over the city as a whole. While the general numbersContinue Reading

This is the main page for the online game Emerald Nights: A Vampire the Masquerade Chronicle. You’ll find all that you need to know involving the chronicle. ENVtMC History of Portland ENVtMC Map ENVtMC Kindred ENVtMC Factions Anarchs (EN) Camarilla (EN) Gangrel (EN) Giovanni (EN) Ministry (EN) Nosferatu (EN) SabbatContinue Reading

The factions currently holding power inside Portland, OR are as follows: Anarchs (EN) Camarilla (EN) Gangrel (EN) Giovanni (EN) Ministry (EN) Nosferatu (EN) Sabbat / Estate (EN)Continue Reading

The history of Portland, Oregon started when the city incorporated on February 8, 1851. Before that, the city was a stopover for travelers known as the Clearing. Wherever explorers went, so did the Kindred. As soon as humans came, the Gangrel took control of what would essentially be the entiretyContinue Reading

The power players, the information brokers, the business sector, and everyone just trying to make it through each night alive are among those that inhabit Portland. Below is a list of everyone that is in positions of powers, and some of the other Kindred that have come along in theContinue Reading

In Emerald Nights A Vampire the Masquerade Chronicle, the map for the initial game position can be found by going here. This will be added to, altered, or just outright changed as the story continues, though those maps should be in addition to whichever season the show / game isContinue Reading

Name: Finn O’Connor Alias(es): None Known Faction: Camarilla Position: Seneschal Clan: Tremere Age: Unknown Generation: Unknown Sire: Unknown One of the more promising Tremere to enter their ranks, Finn found that his talents better served his immediate coterie far better than the Tremere as a whole. Finn knew who toContinue Reading

As if spurred by the “writing on the wall,” the Gangrel separated themselves entirely from the Camarilla (EN) and claimed a large region of Portland proper for themselves. While the Kindred of Portland see the Gangrel territory as wholly their own, but the Gangrel actually share their control with theContinue Reading