Episode 100 is Coming…


In anticipation of the eagerly awaited 100th episode of the Greatest Show, I am going to be converting all the videos to audio and uploading them to this site over the course of however long that takes. I am aiming to be done by November 6, 2016. Once done, I will be publishing the feed through iTunes and the Greatest Show will be coming out regularly after that. Starting with episode 101, the hosts will also be aware that the audience for the feed will be audio, and thus may not do as many sight gags or references as they used to do.

The audio will be pulled from each episode AS IS, and future episodes (episode 101 and up) will be more produced and contain theme music and such. If there is a demand for the video to be released in such a manner, that will also be taken into account for future releases.

Thank you for supporting us for the past 3 years and we look to be bringing you more and regular episodes into the future.

DJ, the Emerald Specter

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