As stated last time, in an unprecedented move, we have the reveal of a founding club logo redesign, something that is sure to turn some heads.

“The original logo suited a launch just fine,” said Zeke Pike, club manager on behalf of Wordsmiths ownership. “However, when ownership saw that merchandise wasn’t coming off the shelves in the same fashion as many of the other clubs, they decided to redesign the shield and do something that would not only give supporters something more modern and effective to wear, but also something to signify the new direction for the club.”

As you will recall, the Wordsmiths changed managers from Matthew Albright to Zeke Pike, because of the “second from the bottom” finish on the ESPL table. Club ownership decided that their position not only warranted an entire staffing change, they also wanted to change the look.

“I’m excited about what they decided,” said Jason White, new team captain of the Wordsmiths. “We had a nice look before, but this really pops. I’m proud to be leading the club on the pitch with this new shield representing all of the players, the stadium, and the supporters, as we will do better than last year and look forward to continuing to advance into the future.”

What the Wordsmiths revealed is below:


As with any logo, there will be detractors and the Wordsmiths ownership hopes that those detractors aren’t going to be amongst the ranks of their supporters. The launch of this redesign, right before the deadline, is sure to be turning some heads as the club looks to not just “rise in the table,” but also actually bring more points to the club via wins.

“I’m here to win,” said Zeke Pike. “We are here to win. If we win two matches, that’s a 100% turn around. I’m not going to be satisfied with two wins, though. I want to win double digits and I want to give players a reason to check us out for Season 3. There is a general feeling that none of the clubs in the bottom half of the table will do much better this season, and I want to make sure that we look much more attractive to the top players in the league. I want to make sure brand new players want to come here, too, in order to make this club a champion.”

Only time will tell.

The schedule comes out next! Stay tuned!

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