ESPL Week 10 – Quiet


The silence of week 10 was deafening… Only three goals were put into the nets and supporters all over the league were hushed for the most part, leaving only one definitive match this week. Thus, the league table remains largely unchanged.

We’re going to concentrate on the two matches with actual scoring that happened as Scott Stennon put the only goal in for Halo, giving them the only victory of the week. Guillermo Martinez for Gothica and Patrick Barnes for Shamrock Celtic were the other two scorers giving them a draw, just like everyone else in the league.

We were stunned, league-wide, to see that only three goals came out of this week and only one game that had any changes whatsoever. Gothica remains in the lead and Emerald United remains in second place… next week, we have the final game of the first half of the season and we’re looking forward to seeing everyone breaking out the scoring again and giving the ESPL some much needed excitement going into the break.

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