ESPL Week 11 – Boom Goes the Dynamite


Week 11 had a lot of surprises and we were very privileged to rebound from such a terrible week into something that had supporters standing for entire matches.

The first match saw Shamrock Celtic host Wordsmiths in a scorefest, which was completely unexpected from the previous week’s activity. Shamrock Celtic scored by Thor Skjelstad, Arak Shemin, Marco Kaspazov, Don Thomas, and two by Tom Johnson. Wordsmiths had only a single goalscorer in Calvin Casey. The final was 6-4, and some are stating that was because Casey was the only one who could score.

The second match saw Vulcan FC host Knightsquare. The only goal came from Vulcan’s Duncan McBriar. Knightsquare was held to nothing and hasn’t managed to come off of the bottom of the table their entire season.

The third match saw Sporting Black Cats host Halo. Sporting Black Cats scored by Nate Havram and Victor Khrushchev. Halo scored by Scott Stennon and Jonathan Lucke. The only draw of the week, in stark contrast to the prior week, was a refreshing change of pace.

The fourth match saw Gothica host Real Olympia. The number one club in the league extended their lead by scoring six times by Hiro Takahashi, Norman Tavez, Pierre LaFayette, and a hat trick by Simon Tarken. The real question becomes: who can stop Gothica?

The fifth match saw Naval Armada host Allen FC, where Naval Armada deal Allen FC with their first lost of the season. Naval Armada scored by Xavier Masters, Piotr Khrush, and Pedro Cruz. Allen FC scored by Charles Alexander and Shawn Rock.

The sixth match saw Shazam CM host Emerald United, in what was sure to be an epic battle between two of the league’s super powers. Shazam CM scored by Linke Rosseau and Carlos Marcos. Emerald United scored by Garrett Parker. Shazam CM managed to hold on to their early lead and take down the league’s number two club, only a notch, but still managed to score a major victory.

Well, we’re going into an off week before getting to the second half of the season and the push to see who can claim the title of Premier League Champions of the ESPL.

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