ESPL Week 12 – More Score and Several Weeks to Go


Big numbers put up in a handful of matches this week, but they were enough to cause some movement on the table. Let’s get to the recaps.

The first match saw Emerald United host Allen FC, narrowly winning 3-2 in the final minutes. Emerald United did not score the first goal but managed to score more than the visitors, making their place in second on the table slightly questionable. Emerald United scorers included Dae Ho Park, Trent Areonak, and Garrett Parker (who has been putting up some numbers as of late). Allen FC scorers included Kord Jurgens and Max Vice. The epic battle is still to come between Gothica and Emerald United for who will be the most likely taking the cup at the end of the season. All in all, this was a great way to kick off week 12’s action.

The second match saw Halo host Gothica, and we were all shocked to see the home side last and stay strong against the visiting side. Halo’s sole scorer was Andrei Ramius, and Gothica’s sole scorer (and equalizer) was Victor Vesselin. There were quite a few yellow cards handed out in this match but nothing that got anyone ejected. Gothica stays stable at the top of the table with this draw but they were really pushing for the win to put some distance between them and the rest of the table.

The third match saw Naval Armada host Knightsquare. Unexpectedly, Knightsquare burst out of the gate to try and change their fortune with three goals in 30 minutes, scored by Alan Marquardt and two by Franz Volstag. Naval Armada managed to recoup one goal by Khan Galaxy, leaving the first half as 3-1 to the visiting side. The second half reversed the fortunes as Nico Capella scored Knightsquare’s only goal… leaving Naval Armada to bring the home supporters to their feet with a five goal, unanswered run by scorers Khan Galaxy (his second), Jesse Davis, Stephan Khan, Xavier Masters, and Pedro Cruz. Knightsquare drew three yellow cards but they only allowed goals to float through.

The fourth match saw Shamrock Celtic host Real Olympia in an epic draw. Celtic’s sole scorer was Shamus O’Mara and Real’s only scorer was Francisco Perez. This one was tense, but both scores came in the second half and Celtic just couldn’t push their win through.

The fifth match saw Sporting Black Cats host Shazam CM, in a scoreless draw that had the visiting side stunned. Shazam CM had a lot of supporters make the trip because they believed Shazam would be rising in the table. Alas, that was not to be on this day.

The final match of the week saw Wordsmiths host Vulcan FC, and once again Wordsmiths can’t score a definitive result in either direction. Wordsmiths’ sole scorer was Shu Liang and Vulcan’s sole scorer was Duncan McBriar.

Week 12 saw some movement but not much. The most significant move was Naval Armada jumping up two places to finally establish themselves as one of the power clubs in the ESPL.

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